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» The postbox of Selash's house in Visimontium «


The childhood and origin of Selash remain a mystery to many. Apart from some brief and half revelations to very close friends, he tends to avoid the topic and prefers to speak proudly about the things he has accomplished after his arrival in Elysia instead. His actions in the West after his arrival must have started about thirty elven, or a little bit more than two gnomish years ago. It's commonly known that his first steps in Elysia were made when he was no more than a young, shy, almost cowardly boy, about to reach his adolescent years.

Selash grew up in a far-away hidden, small clan of elves in North-Eastern T'Nanshi, influenced by the sharp regional, almost hissed-sounding "S" that can still be heard in his accent to those listening closely. He's almost unable to speak the "Z", for it fades into the aforementioned sharply hissed "S" as he speaks it. Even though he has simply forgotten or refuses to speak many of the words that his heritage has taught him, his tongue still reveals his origins.

He lived his childhood during the time the battles concluding the war between T'Nanshi and M'Chek were fought, but far away as his hidden peasant-clan was from the action, he hardly noticed what was going on in the lands he lived in. It wasn't until shortly after that war that his father perished as an army recruit, which made him decide to leave his clan to avoid them till present time even. The excact reason why he turned his back on them he keeps a well-hidden secret to most as well.. even to many of those he cares so much for.


Selash is a skinny, slender, but very tall elf. His height is quite impressive as it stands out, though his tall, wiry features may appear somewhat clumsy to some. Those who know him well know how agile he can be in battle though, in spite of his tall pillar-like looks.

Furthermore, Selash can usually be found with an ever-lasting smile on his face: Looking into the world hoping to find those he can love and care for, he never ceases wearing his kind smile without a good reason in his eyes to take it off his face. Some may call it naive, some may consider it silly, but Selash always looks out for his dear friends to care, protect and love as much as he can, protective and emotional as he can be. He loves cynicism and silly jokes but will try to stay polite as much as he needs to be in situations asking for it, for he realizes it's how others treated him when he was still young and ignorant.. never to offend someone unless he or she deserved it in his eyes.

Selash and Aelwyn (Drawing made by Hamlet).

Stubborn he is, but his heart is still wide-open to those he trusts, willing to offer them friendship. Childhood in one of the most distant and conservative clans of T'Nanshi raised him to be shy and sensitive regarding all relatively new matters he has to cope with as well.

Furthermore, his forearms are decorated with elegant tattoos: in red ink, decorative lines go from the elbow to the wrist, with runish elven words in black ink between.

Just recently, a renewed pride about the succesfully lifted demon invasion in Visimontium has grasped Selash's attention, made obvious by the large tattoo of a Sentinel-helmet on his right shoulder and upper arm, accompanied by the words Visimontium 2181-2191 .

Present Time:

Selash, late autumn of the year 2200

Having worked hard, but at the same time having taken his time to relax during the years, Selash now has become the Loremaster of the Avlis Carpentry Enterprise, where he met some of his friends and made most of his carpentry products.

Since he coincidently got involved in the battle defeating the goblin king Ip in Visimontium, Selash has bonded his heart and services to the Visimontium Sentinels, where he serves the safety and well-being of Andrinor's Holy City as a Lieutenant of the Sentinels. This army is where the best opportunity is offered to him to show his qualities as an archer as well, using the energy of the Vortex to improve his aim, making him one of the most skilled archers of the Sentinels.

Never having fully forgotten his roots and nature, he also bears Andrinor's Mark for the Green Order of the Forest with pride since approximately twenty elven years now. Strengthened by his faith in the Father Dru'El, he has turned his attention to studying hard to be a magus in his service, trying to let his qualities benefit what he considers good and dear to him.

Footloose from his origins, he nowadays mostly operates as a commuter from many bases, spending his days and nights in Elysia, Visimontium and the T'Nanshi woods near Zvidureth. The only place he carefully avoids in these regions is the thick forest of the North-East of the Spiritland where some of the small elven clans live: there where his life once began, and where some of his kin may still live. At present, he can be seen more often on the plane of Tairis'nadur though, where his own hands, helped out by his friend's efforts, are building a house for him and Aelwyn, the love of his life he married some elven years ago.

Selash will most probably live life like a breeze for many years to come though. His travelling skills, which he developped over the years are to be tested for many future years: he may settle down, but is not likely to give up the strong foundation he layed out in Elysia, Visimontium and the lands of his origin. A young man as he still is, his energy to keep going will remain, though he has just made his first confirmation to settle: the sincere love for his newly-wed lady Aelwyn will certainly be the most important of all things that can infuence his choices to make in life from now on.

Friends, hoovairen and those he holds as close as family:

Those who lit his fire after arrival in the West - Still to burn inside:

Freroim - The kind Ganoom, Quartermaster of ACE, who so kindly and patiently took time to teach a young, shy Selash the basics of carpentry and showed him Elysia's hotspots. After Freroim's departure for distant lands, Selash never forgot the lessons he recieved from his first ever merat. Ever since Freroim's return to Elysia, Selash can regurarly be seen chatting with him in the ganoom's small cabin, adjacent to the ACE-Guildhall.

Arlin Everwine - The Ashen Magus who taught a young Selash wisdom and soberly sensible lessons on how the world around him was to be seen turning around, through his brief words of wisdom to him. Admiration for his studies and accomplishments were one of the reasons Selash decided to start his studying in the arcane later in life.

Vana - In spite of how useless and unexperienced Selash was in battle in his early years, Vana went through fights with him and taught Selash the pride of victory, the sadness of loss and many tricks of warfare. It was Vana who convinced Selash to offer the Sentinels his services in the final battle against the Goblin King Ip in Visimontium so long ago, under her protective guidance, which instigated his interest in -what he still hopes to stay that way- a heroic Sentinel's career.

Davillia Chert - Without ever intending to injure him, Dav brought a young, untrained Selash to the most life-treathening situations to make him get used to them. Despite the fact many of these outings ended in both Dav and Selash being terribly injured, with the passing of time Selash left the corner he was panicly hiding in more and more to shoot his arrows at the foes she fought to actually aid her in battle. With years having passed, the two still have regular, close contact. They still head out together to face foes far beyond his skills, but strengthened by the longbow she once made him, he manages better and better each time. Her talent of finding perils others would carefully avoid, somehow brought Selash to what he is now as well.

Most of those who now keep his heart beating, and feet running:

Aelwyn nic'Arianrhod - Daughter of the Silver Moon, blessed with the brightest red hair of all. Selash met his petite, red-haired elven lady, originating from Tairis'nadur for the first time in Ferrell in a brief encounter. A couple of elven years after this meeting, their gods granted them the chance to meet again. Their hearts found each other in Suneal under the silver moon, surrounded by Dru'El's most beautiful green creations. The happiest times, as well as the darkest months in their lifes, they had to go through to succesfully prove the strong bond of their hearts in the end. They were harshly seperated, only to fight themselves back together, driven by love. Memories lost forced Aelwyn to fall in love with him for a second time to prove how much they belonged together.. Memories returned: a cold winter day in Suneal, when two elves kept each other warm in the cold was again experienced, resulting in Selash's marriage-proposal to her. Blessed by both their gods, Selash married the true love of his life in Tairis'nadur on a warm summer evening, while Southern Negaria was covered in the withering autumn-leaves that fell in the year 2192. As a married man he lives now.

Miriel Hana - She's the one he refers to as his Guardian Angel. After a terrible start of two totally opposite characters stubbornly colliding at the beginning of his Sentinel career, he slowly realized the protection, care and friendship he found in Miriel, and what they had in common instead of what they differed in. At present, his honest care and respect for her as his "dear hoovaire" is still improving with every day to come: a "Guardian Angel" he hopes her to stay for long, though he still wishes for a chance to be hers.

Selash physically looking down at Miriel, while mentally looking up to her.

Time will teach, as time has always been able to give the strangest swings to the relation between these two, as did their characters..

Sher'Cha - Having met sometimes before in friendship, they became close hoovairen when Selash needed it most: it was her who gave him strength in times of darkness, her who brought him joy when sunlight shone on him again. In the grande finale of all they went through together, it was Sher'cha who performed the wedding song Finding Love, Life's True Reward at the wedding of Aelwyn and Selash.

Shayra Thornberry - Their first meeting may have occurred by coincidence, or may have been inspired by Shayra's sweet wish to meet as many as possible in a amicable way. Certain is the fact the two met a lot more after their first. Selash has been through many happy highlights of his life with Shay, who he refers to as the "Sunshine in his Life". Though many more moments may follow, the biggest moment in his friendship with Shayra so far must have been when she gave him away as the Best Lady, standing for him on the day of his marriage.

Kish'ti and Mhog'ar - Kish and Mhog both have been more than special in Selash's life so far. Kish has been a dear friend, whom he loves to spend his moments of gossip, joy and laughter with, while Mhog appeared to be a wemic to teach him many things in life. When Selash needed someone to guide him through the hardest moments in his life, he found wisdom and guidance in Mhog'ar. Supported by Kish, it was Mhog'ar who paved the path for Selash to be re-united with the love of his life.

Ath'nook Nekk'en - Oddly enough, when he first met Nekk'en in Kuras, Selash avoided any dark alleys on his way back, afraid to be killed or at least assaulted by this man. In just a few years, the understanding from both sides grew to what could be called friendship now. The two still make a strange combination, however.

Fealith Anifail - Throughout the years, Selash's General at the Sentinels has earned his respect with every day to pass by. Although the word respect isn't usual in Selash's vocabulary, Fealith is one of the very few whom he can't say no to.

Written works

| Selash's Record on a Visimontium Dark Age - A history of Visimontium during the Demon Siege

Tales of the Treacherous Spring - A personal journal