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~ Ath'nook Nekk'en ~

Pronunciation of the Name: "Att~nuk Nek~N*" [* A soft ~N].
Race: Gith'zerai [Humanoid Outsider].
Age: Undisclosed. Apparently around Human 50's.
Gender: Male.
Class: Hunter - Bodybagger.
Alignment: Borderline. Tendencies to Chaotic outbursts.
Deity: This Gith'zerai, even if he abhors worship, has shown interest in Pelar, the Dead Dreamer & Xenon.
Origin: Raised in the urban Dome-City Toroj, the second largest Gith'zerai Settlement in Limbo,
Home of the widely known Rrakkma School Hael-Kenshka.

Current Residence: Here & There. Once the Underdark. Now the highest Mountain in Southern Negaria, his head up in the Skies, his feet still on the ground...
Associates & Affiliations: Many & None. Closest are: Faeldridge the Quick - Loreleii - Anomandaari-
- Miriel Hana - Thorn Shadowstar - Sarakin Fyne-Greenlin - Harry Fynn -
- Sister Lagithiae [Missing.] - Caius - Amiru - Raven, Crow, Shadow & Farmer
- Kelvos Englent - Tal'Lieulia Laylom'Shelega - Dak, Toughest & Roughest Gobbo of all! - Kratos Brothers - Selash.

Personality - Physique - Traits.

Gaunt, but athletic and wiry built, standing between 5´11´´ ~ 6´1´´, mostly stooping, weighing around 180lbs. This Male moves with remarkable nimbleness, much like a Feline Creature, surprisingly even for his advanced age. Underlining this feature are his cat-like, almond shaped, yellow-greenish Eyes, almost always darting about, observing his Surroundings, with an alert and keen inspection.
[If not wearing a hood........] You may notice a bizarre, ornamental pattern around his right eye. A stigma or some sort of brand, perhaps a remnant or an indication of his Exile.

His Hair, which he has braided in a series of rows, are adorned with different beads and mussels and other frills..
Ath'nook Nekk'en‎

Other than that:
Two [Or more?] Short Swords, are attached on his lower back,
underneath his Mantle.
Two Skulls, of what some Sages with Planar lore would call, Illithids,
hang loosely from his belt-like sash.
Entitling these two bizarre trophies as Biir and Ikii [The first, the Second],
he can often be heard, engaging an odd monologue [Or is it truly a dialogue?] muttering with them. That quirk, plus the distorted way of Speaking the Common tongue and his random revelations, precipitated to the nickname The Creepy Nutter, first initiated by the ½ Orc Ed. Up until now it has stuck with him, and over his time on the Prime Material, a few more have been added to the list .

Always takes his time, evaluating each and every word, with long pauses in between [The "... . . .. . . . ...." are there for a reason.]. His Voice maintains a soft, monotonous in the extreme, often emotionless tone, seldom changing and exposing any other temper. Then, there are the different *clicks*, *Chrrr's*, hisses and squeals he sometimes submits, which probably has to do something with the language of his People.
His Companion:
Kapa'th. An adapted wordplay from the tongue of the first People. Ka'th meaning black, Pa'th standing for Red. Ath'nook Nekk'en freed the young, feral, but quite undernourished & maltreated Avlissian Red Panther Female from captivity of a terrorizing Malekian Cyclops Tribe, approx. the Year-Cycle of 2175-2180.
A mutual trust between the Gith'zerai and the Catkin has grown and rigidified, both sharing the same Path on Avlis, based on free Will.

Soon, after releasing his trusted Companion Kapa'th, a wordplay from the 'Zerai Tongue for Black and White, a new Companion was chosen to walk beside the Entity also known as the Vessel....
Xo'x, a Deathspider.
...Their History is to be Continued...

History - Background - Present Personal Life.

...To be Continued...
Until then... ...A look inside his Mind! or his steps On the Road...

Presently, after almost two or three decades of solitary "living" and experiencing the harsh environments of Mount Crescetoria, he can be seen inmidst the so-called civilized World again.

What some People OoC'ly wrote or thought - Citations:

-"A cold, emotionless bastard who keeps his distance and who can judge things from his own perspective, without just following the herd. Never boasting, but the last to duck & cover."-
-"Ladies and Gentlemen: more confusing than a Confounder's were-fish strawberry castle of Aargh, more scary than the The'tonite under your bed, deadlier than NE T'Nanshi - there he comes! Those who have noticed all the philosophical sophistication and well-hidden layers of humanity in the Crimson Gith... He's coming for you. Watching out is futile."-
-"The first encounter you have with Nekk'en, he frightens your ass off. Bit by bit, he manages to move the scared-off ass back into it's original position..."-