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Selash and Aelwyn (Drawing made by Hamlet).

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Aelwyn nic'Arianrhod
Race: Elf
Classes: Ranger / Sorcerer / Arcane Archer
Guild affiliations: Ivory Order of the Sun
Most active on server:
Tairis'nàdur, Wilderness, Elysia
Contact: Leave a message

Aelwyn's Life Stream

Aelwyn is a native of Tairis'nàdur and spends her time travelling through the portals between home and Avlis. She was born under a full moon - hence her surname which means "Daughter of the Silver Moon". Aelwyn was part of a nomadic clan of elves which lived on the outer reaches of the Failles Collie (the Deep Forest). An unexpected overpopulation of spiders cut her clan off from the elven people and destroyed them. Ael was farther from the main battle area and ran for the safety she new exsisted in the nearby town of New Murrandith. She took shelter with the few elves in exile there. The way to the Failles Collie was blocked to prevent the spiders from taking further areas of the forest, preventing Aelwyn from travelling back to the elven home.


Believing all of her family and clan to be dead, Ael began to settle into New Murrandith under the watchful eyes of her godfather Alvinar Lir'Tanor and Cragor. One day a group of travellers from Avlis who had met Cragor came to visit the world known in common as Beautiful Nature. Amongt them was Ji'mas Esyle (Ji) and El'gos Longstride. Aelwyn was enchanted by the soft spoken Ji'mas and curious about the Half-Elf El'gos. Mixed races were almost unheard of on Tairis'nàdur and she dubbed El'gos "smallears" for his half-elven ears. With the permission of her mentor Kitrina, Aelwyn accompanied Ji'mas and El'gos back to Avlis to further her arcane studies.

On her first visit she spent most of her time amazed at the wealth and knowledge of the world, and in examining various ears. It was during this time that she met a young elf named Selash while at the docks in Ferrell. She found him to be quite charming and was glad to have met her first "real elf" on this strange world.


Ji'mas and Aelwyn procured housing in Le'Or T'Nanshi ... He hoping she would find it more comfortable to be around elves, and also concerned for her safety. She spent most of her time there reading voraciously about this new place, its gods and peoples. She ventured out accompanied by Ji or her mentor and translator El'gos. On her visits to Elysia she met Lyse Kaya'Cha, Nawen Amakiir, Sher'Cha and Thralia Dy'nesh who became her new "clan" as she converted to the worship of Dre'Ana and became a Warrior Maiden. She began training with the Maidens and soon was wandering about the safer areas of T'Nanshi, Elysia and Ferrell on her own. In time she became more homesick and visits to Tairis increased. As she spent more and more time away from Avlis her relationship with Ji'mas suffered, and eventually they parted ways but remained close friends.


On a later trip to Avlis, Aelwyn again met and renewed her acquaintance with Selash. The sweet and charming elf soon made an impression on Ael and soon a romance blossomed. His tenderness won Aelwyns heart and the two spoke of plans of marriage and a life together. Aelwyn's excitement of her new found love led her home to talk to Kitrina and tell her the news.

Aelwyn came back to Elysia with grave news of increased spider attacks on the forest and now town of New Murrandith. She shared her concerns with her sisters in the Maidens and a decision was made to take a group to Tairis'nàdur to help the people there. During a foray into the mines of Murrandith, the Maidens were set upon by a group of Umberhulks, oddly changed from their norm. One of the hulks managed to snatch up Ael and carried her off to their master, a Psi-Mage named Vance who had found the peaceful world to be a perfect hiding place for carrying out heinous experiments.

Aelwyn stayed a prisoner of Vance for some time. He involved her in his experiments of mutating creatures by using her blood. The webs of scars on her arms are an evidence of his work today. A rescue attempt was made, spearheaded by Selash and Korennya Erinfales and they found Aelwyn though Vance was able to flee. Aelwyn was broken in body and mind by Vance's experiments - but not in spirit. And with the help of her dear friend Ji'mas was able to regain some of her senses and slowly began the path to healing. Ael suddenly found herself with memories only of her first trip to Avlis and a great deal of time unaccounted for.


The news of the abduction had wound its way around Tairis'nàdur and Avlis both. With Cragor's help, Aelwyn's only living relative - her sister Evelyn - was reunited with with Aelwyn. Selash once again began his gentle courtship with patience. With the constant ministrations of Selash and Evelyn, Aelwyn eventually regained her memories, though kept her nightmares. Selash convinced her of a trip to Avlis, and keeping her fears in check, she followed a trail of angel's tears flowers through the portal to the place of their first date - Suneal Thorp. It was there that she revealed her returned memories and Selash proposed. They were soon married on Tairis'nàdur and began the tedious process of building a home.

Aelwyn continues to hop the portal between the two worlds, spending time with her friends and Selash on Avlis and continuing her arcane studies as a member of the Ivory Order.