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My Companion Training Research

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Panther bloodstain.JPEG

I, Thralia Dy'Nesh, am currently engaged in researching the Avlis Red Panther. I found this bloodstain outside a cave and believed it to be a kill site for a large cat, particularly since similar large bloodstains can be found nearby. Inside the cave, past many other creatures, I found the lair of the big cat. Though I have been as yet unable to obtain a picture of the cat itself, its description follows:

The Avlis Red Panther is quite similar to its cousin the common black panther. As such, it seems likely to be compatible with the panther fylgia. Its defenses and size are also like the common panther. A powerful cat of about 150 pounds, this animal is an expert at stealth, often able to slink past an enemy undetected. If cornered, its sneak attacks on an opponent whose guard is down are devastating, since its teeth and claws are both sharp and strong.

More information and pictures are hoped to follow. The key to taming this animal appears to reside in a mysterious code 306.

Upon a second trip to the big cat's lair, I was able to obtain a picture of this magnificent animal.