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Crunk Steelcaster
Current Age: True Age Unknown (appears to be in his mid 60's)

Race: Half-Orc

Gender: Male
Class: Sor/Ftr
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Residence: Has a tower in Mikona

Affiliations and Titles:

Ceremonial Spellplate'
  • Grandmaster Steelcaster

Former Affiliations

Research Interests

  • Fire Magic
  • Chronomancy
  • Death Magic
  • Enchantment
  • Evocations


Crunk is a tall and well built half-orc with a very slim toned physique and Dark black skin. Crunk's facial features are very pleasant and distinguished. He apears to be in his mid 60's (although, rumor has it he is far older) Crunk is almost always seen in some form of high polished decorative armor, usually golden.

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History and Traits
Crunk is the founder and High Master of the Art of Steelcasting - a robust magical art dedicated to making its students invincible walls of iron-clad arcane might. He is also one of the most adept master arcane scribes in all of avlis.

Currently only two of crunk's students have been granted the right to officially teach steelcasting. Those are the Master Steelcaster's Micah Ormane and Tiras Japeth.