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Race: Half-Elf

Origin: Alternative Universe

Arrived on Avlis due to some unfortunate accident, described below.

Age: About 60, as of RL 2006 27-Jan-2006

Physically and mentally he's around his 50s, similar to a human's 30s? Due to the stay in the Astral Plane, however, his true age is about 50 or even 60.

Titles and Positions

As of RL 2005
As of RL 2006 09-Jun-2006
  • Great Mage of Internal Affairs for the Ashen Order of the Stars
  • Representative to the High Mage Council for the Ashen Order of the Stars
As of RL 2007


  I am aware that his pre-Avlis part of history is now considered to be cheesy, but in the times when I created him I had no idea about this. I do not mind this part of his history and it has little influence over his character development, so I allowed myself to keep it. If someone cares, I can remove it.  

Ialath was born in a different place, believed (by some most enlightened scholars of Avlis) to be either the alternative universe or one of the parallel planes. He was the only son of the mixed couple. His father is (or was?) a human aristocrat and high ranked officer, while elven mother is a wizard (while in his place of origin there exist no sorcerers). He was born and lived all his life before arrival on Avlis in the capital city of the major power on his world. Even before he matured, his mother decided he should follow her ways and become a mage. He had some talents, so was accepted as an apprentice by one of the greatests wizards of his world.

What is worthy to mention, the status of a wizard in his society was slightly different than it is on Avlis. The wizards are extremely small and ultra-elite group - whole armies of thousands of warriors are accompanied by four - five mages, supporting them with spells. Being accepted into that elite group made young Ialath a bit conceited. Either a wizard (even though only to-be wizard) and a noble, he quickly became a leader of the "gilded youth" group. Together with some other aristocratic children, they were spending time on taverning (medieval clubbing? Wink) accompanied by heavy drinking, some drug using and harassing commoners. Being so deeply involved in social activities, Ialath was paying far too small atenttion to his magic lessons. After two years of studying he learned only some basic spells, and even these were mostly "for fun". Only his mother's interventions saved him from being dismissed by his master.

Ialath arrived to Avlis few weeks before the Spite epidemics broke out, due to an accident he caused in his first Master's Laboratory. He wanted to impress a young assistant he wanted to sleep with him. The two youngster wizards got drunk and over-eager Ialath claimed he could activate a mysterious device the Master forbad them to touch. Surprisingly, he succeeded (he has eventually heard the opening incantation) and... found himself on the other plane, namely dropped from air at the roof of Jerto's workshop.

The Master called him back through the portal only to communicate that due to his foolishness, Ialath was going to stay on Avlis forever. And kicked him back to the portal.

  OOCly, he is a character from a PnP game, with no relations to Avlis or D&D whatsoever, but I liked him so I brought him here.  

Soon, Ialath realised that there is probably no way back, as none of the known trans-planar portal of Avlis led to his homeworld. He didn't care too much ("Never liked that pompous old prick.") and decided to settle in Mikona, as it reminded him his home city. Soon, he met a distinctive personnage, a wizard named Lante Bendt. Though Lante was much extravagant and had strange, in Ialath's view, approach to life (he was a "good Malekite", while Ialath has been and still is, reluctant to any religion, particularly ones that involve pain and limitation of one's freedom and happiness), Ialath became Lante's apprentice. From his previous life, he brought two important lessons:

  • never drink before casting;
  • never have sex before casting.

Thus, studying and ambition have become his greatest passions. Soon, the third joined, as the great plague, named Spite struck Mikona. Ialath, together with Master Lante, Kanga the Halfling Barbarian and several others engaged themselves in search for the cure for Spite and vocally opposed the quarantine. He became a politically active member of the M'Chek society.

Few weeks after the Spite was finally cured and the Mikona's gates opened again his extra-planar nature brought him unexpected problems. He was sucked into the time-space shift, and spent more than 25 years on the Astral Plane or in the Void. His body did not grew older, so didn't his mind. He was just aware of his own existence.

  I was abroad in the Netherlands for half year.  

After the ever-lingering stay in the Void, he was suddenly dropped back to Avlis. His naked body was found at the doorstep of the Magus Tower in Mikona by a group led by Kered Rose. To his horror, Ialath learned that he was away for so long and most of his riends are dead, like Kanga, or missing, like Lante. However, he soon made new friends, including Kered, Kardiana Elhandrin, Gracie Dane, Krator Backfist and Serafin Nael'shal.

Soon he came back to political activity. He'd been opposing the alliance with the Drotid, whom he finds disgusting in look and unacceptable in morals. He also joined the Golden Path, Kered's political party. He started studying alchemy, visiting places other than M'Chek and became to like the city of Elysia.

His curious nature brought him to join Serafin in a trip to the world of Mystara. While Ialath planned to stay there only for a short time, the way-back portal was destroyed. So he was trapped on Mystara for the next two years. He was studying there intensively and the stay there brought lots of changes to his life philosophy.

His atheism became less aggressive, his emotions more balanced. Time spent in the village of Evemur made him more optymistic and self-confident. After the come back, he re-established some of the friendships and moved to Elysia, because that city seems to him now more balanced and peaceful than Mikona.

Further story

Added 27-Jan-2006

After a period of deliberation (and contestation of the HMC's decision on the ban on high circle spells) Ialath joined the Ashen Order of the Stars. He participated in the Ashen attempts to cleanse the Spider Caves in Elysia, as well as other internal Order projects. He quickly became an advocate of the reforms in the Order, its external and internal strenghtening. He applied for the Great Mage of Internal Affairs position, but was rejected. Instead, he was nominated a Senior Mage of Visimontium, new city of the Andrinor's Trust.

Initially, Ialath despised the nomination (considered it as exile to the middle of nowhere) but soon became fascinated with the place. Calm and majesty of the mountains, isolation from the previous affairs made him more concentrated on the Arcane study and the Order internal policy. He participated in furbishment of the Ashen Tower in Visimontium, while also ordered a house in the City. He offered support to Arlin Everwine in the Archmage elections and subsequently became nominated the Great Mage of Internal Affairs.

In the meantime, Visimontium came under assaults of the rogue Drangonari elements. Ialath has been an advocate for peaceful solution very long - he attempted to contact several high-ranked Angadarian officials (and his old friends or at least acquiantances) and explain the situation - but in vain, due to different reasons. As the attacks became more violent, he developed a plan that involved psionic scrying on the Drangonari forces in Visimontium. With help of his psionicist friend, Arania Moonshadow, the Drangonari base under the Lake Coldshadow has been discovered and promptly destroyed by a combined forces of the Sentinels and the Trust mages.

Ialath did not participate in the cease-fire negotiations because he was disabled by a Drangonari sharpshooter on his way back from the Southern Avlis. Instead, he engaged actively in the rebuilding process. He also has been nominated for an Ashen representative in the High Mage Council.