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Leopold Phefefhur
Race : Gnome (of course)
Birth Place : Deglos

Before I start propper, just to let you know the "h" is hardly pronounced at all - almost silent in fact, so my name is pronounced "Pef-eff-ur". Just thought I'd mention that so you all know.

I'm from South-East Deglos originally, and in fact I spent all my youth and middle-age there too - in fact let's face it I've always lived and worked there. That's one reason why I'm here now in fact - I decided it I was long over-due for a change of scenary.

I was a gem-miner at first, used to mine emeralds from the deep emerald mines, before it ran dry. (Actually I don't think it completely finished, I'm sure there is some veins still untapped, and one day I'll get down there again and prove it - but that's for another day). Anyhow, as I was saying, when the mine ran dry I decided to return home and pick up odd-job work here and there.

It was about this time that I enrolled in the South Deglosian Militia (the "hammer corps" - run by old Furmin "One Leg"... actually he did have two legs, but one was definitely longer than the other for sure). We were all volunteers in the militia, and only got paid a pittance really, just enough for food and clothes and the occasional ale of course. We were more like a "home guard" if you like, just patrolling the tunnel systems, keeping the vermin population, and replusing the occasional kobold incursion.

Old Furmin (may his soul rest in peace) taught us the old school of tunnel fighting, and very much based on letting the enemy coming to you - very little of that running around stuff. I can still hear him barking now "Protect those flanks!", "Force in numbers", "Hit the bloody thing!" - ah, what memories.

I served with the militia part time for nearly 50 years I guess (on and off), in between other odd-jobs, a little metal working here, some trading there, etc. But eventually, I decided it was a young-gnomes' work, not for old folk like me. So it was then, just a few weeks ago, that I decided to cash in my gem stash for these gold coins that seem so popular on the surface, and set forth upon the world to do a little travelling.

Well, after an initial hard time on the money front (I either lost some or was swindled - not sure which), I had to sell my armor to make ends meet, but fortunately after some kind donations, I am back where I started. Just me, my armor and the Vermin-Basher. I'm now ready to do a little travelling, and see the world outside Deglos!

My funds are a bit low at the moment, so I'll be doing a few odd-jobs as I travel around. If you need anything be sure to give me a shout. You can't miss me - I didn't see many other gnomes around these parts, and certainly there are very few wearing plate armor.

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