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Krator Portrait.jpg
Krator Blackfist
Race: Kurathene Human
Classes: Sorcerer (19)/Psionicist (6)
Most active on server: Underdark
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Krator Blackfist (born on an unknown date near Halvia) is the 7th and current Chancellor of Julaspium, officially since 2130, but in office and commonly recognized since 2144. During the Second Fairy War, Blackfist served as a Sergeant in the Elysian Auxiliary Volunteers, where he aided the Elysian Defence Force in defending the city against the Unseelie Titanian Fairies. In earlier years, Blackfist was a magus of the Blue Order of the Sky, but later resigned as a result of the rift between Angadar and Andrinor. As one of the more high profile members of the Web of Angadar during that period, he is probably is still best known for his allegiance to Angadar, but Blackfist has since left that group and joined the Gold Order of the Sand.

Out of character, Krator Blackfist is the main character played by User:Krator. The character has been around since June 2004 (part of the BioWed generation), with a break between fall 2006 and spring 2009. His portrait, to the right, is part of the Avlis portrait collection.

Early life

Born near Halvia, Kurathene, Blackfist is the only son of the late Lord Bartholomeus Blackfist Junior and his wife Lady Alicia Merenasi, and the grandson of the 5th Chancellor of Julaspium, Chancellor Bartholomeus "Blackfist" Merenasi Senior. Bartholomeus Jr. took the nickname of his father, "Blackfist", as his surname, after the latter caused a rift in the Merenasi family with his draconian rulership. He passed that name (and the character traits associated with it) onto his son Krator Blackfist, though the rift in the Merenasi family had already been sealed when Bartholomeus Jr. married Lady Merenasi.

Blackfist did not attend any public schools or universities, and was probably homeschooled by his grandmother, who was a professor at Clairvont University. Through a series of events not known to the general public, Blackfist ended up in Red Gate, Seven Cities, where he worked as an accountant for most of his twenties. After moving to Mikona, Blackfist quickly joined both the Web of Angadar, under the auspices of Amonien Amana, and the Blue Order of the Sky, under the auspices of Aerill Ailpera.

Web of Angadar

His tenure in the Web of Angadar quickly started to become Blackfist's main occupation. He participated in the fight against the Coal Arrow cult, of which an account is publicly available (here), and was a regular sight around Ferrell for a while. He also has spent a lot of time in Deglos, and to this day knows the most used tunnels and routes by heart. As his studies progressed, he took up the mantle of the Psi-Mage, learning minor mindbending powers. Krator continues to refer to both his arcane spells and psionicist powers as 'tricks' interchangeably. Shortly after the december 2128 High Mage Council motion, outlawing use of high-level magic by non-trust magi, Blackfist left the Blue Order to be able to prolong his membership of the Web, and his service to Angadar.

Following the tradition of friendship between O'Ma and Angadar, Blackfist served as a Sergeant in the Elysian Auxiliary Volunteers (EAV), where he aided the Elysian Defence Force in defending the city against the Unseelie Titanian Fairies. Along with general service as a battlemage, his most significant service to the city was his part in breaking the siege of Elysia by banishing one of the powerful demons attacking the city. His service in the EAV also marked the start of his relationship with the Maiden Terra Swift. Concurrent with these events, the Mikona-based members of the Web faded away or left the Web, and some were banned from the city itself (see Janur da Medican for more information).

This lead the Web, and Krator Blackfist, into a period of great isolation, as the organisation faced increasing pressure from all sides to step up its efforts in the battle for the arcane with Andrinor. Blackfist helped create a set of controversial artefacts called the PsiCrowns of Angadar, rumoured and seen to have great power. Somewhere in the course of these events, his involvement with the Web lead him to meet the God himself. After the Web's open support of a group of renegade drangonari attacking Visimontium lead to its banishment from that city, Blackfist was publicly tried as a criminal and murderer, and sentenced to forced labour. During all this, Professor Lucien Dark, then leader of the Web, had disapppeared, making Blackfist the de facto leader of the Web of Angadar until 2144, when he stepped down to enable his move to Kurathene to take up his legacy. His resentment over the trial and punishment in Visimontium, along with a (in his eyes) lack of opportunity, reward, and power with the Angadarians, led him to not only abandon Web, but also his faith, becoming a follower of Senath.


Blackfist's rule of the Julaspium fiefdom was reminiscent of his grandfather's. Ruling with an iron fist, great minute attention to detail, and spending hours in solitude concerning himself with the finances of his impoverished fiefdom, Blackfist was rarely seen or heard of. ((What follows is unknown, IC or OOC, and will be added at a later time once I hear from the DM team))


Little is known of Blackfist's current motives, besides that he has joined the Gold Order and spends the majority of his life in the Underdark.

Appearance and personality

Blackfist's age is hard to guess as he appears the same as before. The hairstyle that was previously maintained by meticulously shaving his head daily, now comes naturally, though the pitch-black colour of old is still retained in his beard. Without any magic to support him, Blackfist is just another old man, walking slowly and heavily relying on his staff. Often, though, he is under the effects of some spell, and can appear and act younger than his real age because of it. As he has always been a charismatic man, his expressions reveal very little of his physical well-being. He always wears the same distinctive cloak, which is easily recognised even though he changes its colour sometimes. Currently, Blackfist has three robes, his gold order robes, a set of holy robes of Senath, and a third, distinctive, set that he has had for a long time. If wearing a suit, he will wear Julaspium formal dress, and on occasion he will appear in his family's formal toga.