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Janur da Medican

Name: Janur da Medican, The Right Honourable Viscount D'Medican, Knight Commander of the Royal Order of Kuras

Race: Human

Gender: male

Age: well over 150 (appears about ~60 to 70, as he spent quite some time discorporated)

Class: Bard, Cleric

Alignment: true neutral

Origin: M'Chek, city of Mikona

Current Residence: Mikona

Current Affiliations:


the da Medican Family

Janur da Medican was born as the third son of a minor noble in M'Chek. His family arrived in M'Check by sea some fifty years before his birth. What few knew: The da Medicans were once the Barons of Medec, a fief in the Kurathene Empire. Alas, the woes of politics and an insurrection forced them to flee into exile.

The children of Frida da Medican

Frida da Medican gave birth to four children: Refar, Rufus, Irma and Janur.

What's in a name

Young Janur, born in the winter of 2051, was named after a semi-mythical founding ancestor of the da Medicans, the notorious adventurer and cavalier Janur d'Medican. The da Medican family always had a great chest of tales, anecdotes and stories of this person.

It is said, that this ancestor earned nobility for saving the world more than one time, that he was a friend of dragons and elves, that he fought undefeated in the gladiator pits of the lizard king and that his courage and manners finally convinced a princess to refuse her title and live with him as a commoner. Other versions say, that he wielded holy weapons and that he still lives somewhere in another plane of existence.

Yet another variant says that he was just a rogue, who made up the nobility title to gain access to a ball where he wanted to seduce a duchess, and kept the title out of habit.

Everyone in the family regards this Janur da Medican of the past as what he probably is: A mythical figure, based on a petty adventurer who has lived long ago. But it is a good bedtime story to tell the kids.

Getting away from home

Young Janur has always been intrigued by this wealth of story around his namesake. He was convinced that he would probably never be as adventurous, but felt that this strive for grandeur is also in him. So he searched for another way to fame, one that perhaps involves his family past, or the lives of other heroes.

Janur normally wouldn't inherit anything. Being exiles from the Barony of Medec, the da Medicans didn't have enough land to live from it. Their income came from the work as merchants. As a result, there was not enough to hand out to all three sons. So young Janur followed a travelling bard to learn his trade.

End of an Apprenticeship

Saalam Siing, his tutor journeyed with him through the outskirts of Mikona, teaching him the trade of a bard. From his master, Janur learned all the basics a travelling bard needed to know. Sadly the two got in the way of bandits, and Janur panicked.

He ran as fast as he could. He never saw Saalam again, and knows not if his mentor is dead, captured or alive and angry. To this day Janur is deeply ashamed of this deed and won't tell anyone of it. If asked, he always tells that they 'went different ways'.

Early years

Janur roamed Mikona and tried to make a living. Little did he know of adventuring, or how to survive the attacks from bandits or undead. As most hot blooded youths did, Janur got into his fair share of fights. But unlike his peers, Janur didn't grow stronger or more skilled at killing. He actually began to resent it, and it didn't take long for him to swear a solemn oath at the Temple of Mikon: He swore not to take up a weapon again.

The Artist

Instead he started to earn his (meager) living by tagging along other adventurers, to tell their tales in taverns and at fireplaces. His situation quickly improved though, once he discovered a hidden talent:

He discovered that he was gifted with a talent for pictures. After always having done small doodles and sketches, he now started to pursue this as a career, which even earned him a decent living. An example of his work is his Portrait of Dashel Knight. Young Janur became sought out by many who wanted their likeness committed to canvas, as a memory to their heroic deeds. This not only kept him clothed and fed, but also introduced him to the important persons of the world.

He of course still adhered to his vow of not wielding a weapon again, although this didn't hinder him to accompany the other heroes on their forays. He watched them with a morbid interest, but never participated. Janur constantly seeked for proofs for his beliefs, challenging the world to provide it.

The young painter quickly found himself to be involved in a lot of things, as people told him of their experiences, and often also asked him for advice. His familiarity with people knew no boundaries: It wasn't unusual for him to do a portrait for the High Priest of Maleki in the morning, only to spend the evening over an ale with the High Paladin of Gorethar in the City Gate Inn. Janur never lost his gentle manners though, which kept him in high regard with most young women.

It was a rare day when Janur wasn't flirting with some young lass. His liaisons were never very serious, except one: Lisa Kler, the younger sister of the Gorethar Cleric Hollis Kler.

Flirting with Darkness

It should have been a carefree time for the young man, as he didn't have to worry over his future much, nor did he suffered from poverty or illness. But Mikona was a city under constant threat of considerable dark forces: Mysterious vampyres roamed the countryside, and an invasion of over a thousand Sereg'Wethrin was imminent.

Janur knew that he couldn't do much against either of this by himself, but he spent a lot of his time trying to arrange help from the various heroes. He set nearly impossible aims for himself, and despaired at his perceived lack of success. The only place he could find solace seemed to be the bottom of cheap bottles of goblin brew.

The cure for these woes came from an unexpected corner: The Legion of Darkness, a group that flaunted it's dark desire for power sought a public front, someone who would mediate in negotiations. Janur, desperate for feeling useful, was deemed the perfect candidate. Slowly recovering from his drunkenness, he became embroiled in games of high intrigue. Few know what really happened to the Legion of Darkness, but most are convinced that it has been disbanded long ago.

The Diplomat and Businessman

Out of this, the former artist emerged as a well-known diplomat, with contacts to most circles in Avlis: The once penniless painter, now married to the High Priestess of Angadar (a coupling many deemed surprising at that time), was a respectable citizen now. He quickly had raised enough gold to erect one of Mikonas finest taverns, together with his old friend Merago Jert: The Canvas.

The lavishly decorated place quickly became popular with those who could afford the exorbitant cost for the required membership. Janur made full use of all the connections he had acquired in his prior life. It has been said that even the mysterious leader of the Ravens, the "Red One" frequented the place, rubbing elbows with the establishment of Mikona.

The Happy Painter, at a party at the Maidens Keep
Finally settled down, Janur pursued his leisure interests: He started to participate in stage plays, joined the South Avlis Trade Federation, dabbled a bit in politics, and generally sticked around. He was renowned as Sage in the Avlis Tower University. His lectures often tended to obscure parts as arts in general or marriage customs.

He even renewed his love to Lisa Kler. To the amazement of many, Janur took Lisa as second wife, so that he was now legally married to Amonien Amana and Lisa Kler. True to his reputation as womanizer, he also has an illegitimate child. He mostly talked about her mother in hints and vague concepts, but acknowledged Elvanshalee as his own and raised her in his house.

Darkness embraced

To most, it seemed that Janur had retired from most "adventurous" activities in these days. Still, those who took an interest quickly realized that The Canvas had strange locked doors, and that it never fully ceased to be a place of intrigue and plotting.

The Church of Angadar

This innocent looking Artist and businessman was at a time the Mikonan High Priest of the Church of Angadar. As such, he held the title of Hand of Deception, not surprising considering how he managed to keep this a complete secret, even from his fellow church members. Only a very select few know which face to put to the mysterious Ahrma'Suoril Cerran Wiston.

The Crimson Ring

But apparently running the mikonan branch of Angadars church wasn't enough for Janur. The specific details were never fully disclosed, but it is also known that Janur was very involved in a group called the Crimson Ring. Who these people were, or anything about their goals is being kept secret by Janur to this very day. If asked, he says it is to protect dear friends who were or still are in highly regarded positions.

What he did admit however, is that this group didn't only appear sinister, but that it actually was so. Years later, as an old man, Janur publicly admitted and aassumed responsibility for the obliteration of the White Sisterhood.


On the morning of March the 17th in the Spring of 2133, an Angadar priestess published an open letter, allegedly containing the last words and will of Janur da Medican. The letter starts explaining that the Angadar Priestess Talana Lyonard was instructed to publish it should she have proof of his death.

His last will gives all his worldly possessions to his wives and his daughter, as well as setting up a fund for young artists. The Canvas, his most prized creation later gets caught into an affair and then closed down by the Mikonan Government.

For a long time, everyone thought that he was dead and gone for sure. For more than thirty Janur wasn't seen on the face of Avlis.

Imprisoned in Hell

It really happened on the 3rd of March 2133. This was the day when the life that Janur da Medican led ended. A group of vigilantes finally caught up with Janurs evil ways and had him executed deep under Mikona. What they didn't know was that they were being used by the Devil Lord Xar. Xar knew that Janur held many secrets in his mind, and was eager to use these to his own hand.

Under the horrified eyes of the good-aligned vigilantes, Janurs soul got ripped from his dying body and imprisoned into a hellish crystal. Xar took Janurs trapped soul with him into his domain, where it would remain for a long, long time.

The Medec Years

Arrival in Kuras

Even after his soul was eventually freed by loyal friends, it was too broken to return to Avlis for a long time. And even when he returned to life, it took him a long time to actually remember who he was, or what.

He roamed Kuras, his mind befuddled and living under the first name that he remembered. His past as well as vow forgotten, he took up mercenary work, helping other citizens in clearing the Kuras countryside from dangerous pests. Only slowly his memory returned, and he eventually found his way back into his families homeland: Medec.

Regent Baron

When he finally arrived, he found that his beloved daughter Elvanshalee da Medican has been engaged to a the former war hero of M'Chek, Drake Devilin and both were named successor to the throne of the Barony. Alas, his son-in-law to be had vanished, maybe taken prisoner by mercenaries or worse. Medec, the homeland Janur had never seen before was in troubled waters.

Only with reluctance Janur accepted the request of the Stewards of Medec to assume the title of Regent Baron, until his daughter would be deemed experienced enough.

With skill and diplomatic tact Janur led the Barony through the coming years. So even though Medec became involved in the Halstaed campaign against the Tyedu and broke the trade embargo on certain arcane scrolls, business thrived. Thanks to this the da Medican family was hailed as saviours of the Barony.


After a few years, Janur felt a yearning to finally return to the only place he could really call home: Mikona. He stepped down as Regent Baron, handing the title over to a former acquaintance of the SATF, who would eventually step down to allow Duke Devilin and his wife Elvanshalee to take up their rightful place.

With high hopes but a sinking feeling of dread, Janur stepped through the newly established mage portals towards Mikona...


He found the place familiar and oddly changed at once. The little alchemists apprentice was grown up and had a kid of his own. The doors to his beloved Canvas were barred up, the expensive chairs and paintings inside gathering dust. The war with T'Nanshi was becoming a distant memory to most, and a new war with Drotid loomed dangerously on the horizon.

Worst of all to Janur was the fact that he wasn't known as a friendly painter anymore. Instead, most associated him with treason against M'Chek, vilified him for his past associations. Knowing that these accusations were justified at least partly (although he still vehemently objects to having done anything treasonous against his home), Janur immediately went to work regaining a good reputation.

He organized charity events, talked at lengths to officials and eventually got his name cleared at least partially. Many still view him and his past warily though.

A change of Faith

Prodded by the Paladin Hyacinth Pike, Janur started to rethink his values in earnest. His faith in Angadar, shaky already since the events surrounding his demise in 2133, broke completely. After many months of soul searching and talking to Clerics and Holy Warriors of many different faiths he finally donned the robes of a Lorewarden.

Janur currently enjoys a quiet life and manages Vorin's Treasure Trove and Rest, a bookstore he has established in the outskirts of Mikona.