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Daughter of an M'Chekian farmer, Lisa was lured to the "big city" of Mikona many years ago by the thrill of adventure. With not much skills to call her own, aside from some bow and harpstrumming she was looked after for a while by her older brother Hollis, a cleric of Gorethar, then still the law-keeping agency in Mikona.

While she was still more girl than woman when she arrived, Lisa matured fast from witnessing countless things a girl of 17 ought not go through really. The sereg invasion culminated her education in the cruelty of the world, after which she decided to take up arms in its defense herself. She often just tagged along with OoG trainings, honing her skill with the bow and rapier whenever possible.

The strictness of the OoG was too stifling for her free spirit to endure for long though, so she never fully joined herself. Eventually she found a home with the newly founded order of the Warrior Maidens of Dre'Ana, Elysia chapter. The Warrior Maidens provided a home and education for her in Elysia, and she grew from a headstrong girl into a smart and beautiful woman. She returned to Mikona often though, her heart being still with her family and her homeland.

While persuing her hobby of acting she came into contact once more with Janur da Medican, a one time poor painter who she had modeled for and developed a bit of a crush on at that time. She found that the crush wasn't gone yet, but to her regret he was already married. Despite this fact they began an affair, which grew into something more than a crush. This chapter of her life ended with Amonien finding out about the affair, but not really minding having to share her husband's affections, and Janur dragging some obscure foreign laws into it that even enabled the three(!) of them to get married!

Things went downhill from there. I won't go into too many details at this point, since many of the secrets that turned her life upside down are to this day kept from even her best friends. It all ended with one unlucky day when an event at Janur's bar "The Canvas" got raided by the brutish Sword of Toran. The whole of the staff and attending visitors were put into jail at swordpoint, and interrogated under heavy magical coercions. Lisa was shocked that such would be inflicted on her by the sworn guardians of her country, her city, her people. She felt betrayed by those she had sworn to help protect.

To make matters worse, Janur disappeared soon afterwards, and word reached her that he was murdered. Amonien and her friends of the Crimson Ring made some plans, probably revenge or something like that, Lisa didn't care, couldn't care, wouldn't care for anything really. Everything of spiritual value in her life had gotten turned upside down, and she couldn't cope with it. She lost faith in the world, in the Goddess she had served for many years, in goodness in general really. She disappeared for months at a time, camping in the wilderness, keeping out of sight. A very uncharacteristic thing to do for the otherwise highly sociable Lisa.

One day Amonien tracked her down while restocking at the Port Hole Inn, in Ferrell. She said something that only barely penetrated Lisa's senses. Something about Janur being safe now. It didn't make a whole lot of sense. She pressed a crystal of some kind in Lisa's hands, apparently something to do with Janur as well. To this day she does not know why, but that day was a bit of a turning point. She realised she had to get on with life. But how? She decided that the way back held too much pain for her; she couldn't go that way. So she found another way to go, traveling to Mikona once more, realising it was probably for the last time, she took a ship north, to Kuras. In search of this strange land called Kurathene which Janur had once told her about. Maybe there she would find peace once more.

So now she is in Kuras, and roaming around the Kurathene. She met some new friends there, but also old friends (notably Valeria). To this day she hasn't met Janur, and doesn't even know he is alive (again), let alone also in Kuras. For the first time since she was a child she is without guidance from her sisters in the warrior maidens, and she's finding that she misses the comfort such a tight group of friends brought her. She is often lonely, and still occasionally seeks escape from her sorrow and depressions in the form of mindless combat....

And this is now. Basically she is still looking for herself, and a place and reason to be and belong again. Friends, a family even. She hopes to find it in this strange land, far away from the hurts from her past life. Lisa is very sociable, and needs company like she needs water. Her losses and the feeling of betrayal have made her more cautious in such things though. A tricky problem, which requires a decent councillor perhaps?