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EDGE - Elysia's Diligent Guides and Explorers

Alignment: N/A

Base of Operations: Elysia (we work in all of Avlis and even other planes)

How to Contact us: Find any of the Guild leaders, Midnight, Alex Noble (PM), Pilgrim, Lanir or Ayiree (PM) or leave a message at our warehouse (PM any of us)

What we do: We provide services for payment. Guided tours, escorts, protection, gathering of materials or any task we find acceptable.

What to Expect: We're a relatively small guild with few requirements and no demands on it's members when not working.

To join you cannot be in any other order or guild (except the crafting guilds) and not in the army. Mages in orders are accepted.

We do all sorts of work from full scale guild operations to guided tours with only one member required. Between jobs we arrange training sessions to try tactics and get to know our fellow member's strenghts and weaknesses.