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Name: Ayiree
Race: Half-elven female

There will be two parts of this introduction, first the more IC one - i.e. what anyone who studied her for a while would notice. Then a more detailed version you wouldn't know unless you've met her. She is a pretty girl with long golden hair and violet eyes. She greats everyone with a radiant smile and shows a genuine interest in other people, always being nice and polite. Though a little shy she will always respond to a friendly greeting, introducing herself as Ayiree, never giving a family name.

Her clothes are colorful but carefully mended and altered as they have been around for a while and have seen better days. Though she is clean and obviously makes an effort to look her best it is clear that she isn't wealthy.

She is curious up to and beyond the point where it becomes unhealthy and she is often studying the world around her as well as it's inhabitants, but sometimes she does just the opposite, humming a tune to herself, dancing a few steps as she walks down the street seemingly lost to the world.

Her favorite hangout is the library though she feels the selection is somewhat limited but there is always the chance that some interesting book is sitting on a shelf just waiting to be found. Sometimes it's enough just to feel the books, read the covers and enjoy the smell of leatherbound old parchment. She has a small book of her own where she takes notes of all kind of things but she is not sharing her writings with anyone.

She has no close friends and wanders through the city on her own. Her first few days in Mikona has made her a little less enthusiastic about the city and a little more careful so no more strolls in dark alleys or dark graveyards for this girl.

Background: She is the daughter of a travelling performer and an elf who didn't stay for more than a few nights. She doesn't use a family name since she doesn't know who her father was. She has spent her whole life in the countryside of M'Chek travelling with her mother and a few other performers but when her mother died she felt she had to do something else. She waited until they came close to Mikona and then left. Her knowledge of stories and old legends comes from an old woman who used to care for her when her mother was performing and Ayiree has come to realize that this woman probably was better than any of the still active performers. She first wanted to check the library to find out which stories where legends and which were history but soon came to the conclusion that it really didn't matter. If people believe something it doesn't have to be true to make a difference. She is curious of the elves and would love to learn about their history and their language but hasn't summoned up the courage to approach one yet.

Her first few days in Mikona she ended up bleeding in the gutter mostly because of her reluctance to leave the skeletons chasing her for someone else to stumble on. She now wants to learn how to take care of herself a little better.... Her thirst for knowledge has also made her apply for membership in the AKN but she hasn't earned enough money yet.

Her goals are simple - she wants to experience the world, discover its secrets and maybe in the process find a place where she belongs.