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Sul The Seer - A Character Portrait

 Underdark
Public Profile

Sul Yashan Ye'ner'khan, better known as Sul The Seer, has been a member of the Verloghokbol Dock Workers Guild since adolescence. A hard worker, he has now made a name as a reliable guide. Sul has grown to be well knowledgeable of the great expanse of the Underdark and will offer his services for the right price.

In the recent years his travels to the Overlight have become longer, taking several months at times. A message left at the Shrine of The Harpinger in the Dark City may eventually reach him.

Sul "The Seer"

Race: Human in appearance

Age: Early 30s

Height: 6' 2"

Current Residence: Southern Avlis

Public Profile

Behind the name Sul The Seer stands a man of imposing height and muscled frame. He moves with an air of quiet confidence and strength. Whilst his conduct is composed, his senses are constantly alert.

Sul keeps a low profile. He can often be spotted at the branches of various trade enterprises of the southernlands – or on the road, clad in leather garments of earthen tones, plain but durable. The omnipresent dark traveller's cape covers a rucksack and the scabbard of a large, broad blade.

Those who have chanced to see Sul without the cape's hood hanging low over his brow, can tell that his head is always meticulously shaved, save for a topknot of sable hair. Intelligent coal eyes stand out on his chiselled face; they remain ever narrowed in bright light. Other notable features of his physique are his pale skin and sharpened teeth.

One would have to ask around a lot to pinpoint Sul's current residence. Even so, he is known to stop ever so often at the Shrine of The Harpinger in Blandenberg, to pay his respects, ever since the Shrine has been built.


Sul is a private person. He would not shun off conversation but rarely is the one to initiate it. For a long time Sul is not known to approach anyone in public – other than tradesmen, in the context of business. A notable exception would be the shamaness Sable, leader of the Fury of Ra-Ghul.

In recent years he is infrequently seen in the company of members of the Luminous Order of the Mind.


The information on this page is IC knowledge, and may or may not be accurate, depending on point of view. IC