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Deific Chart


Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Worshippers' Alignment: Any Evil

Clerics' Alignment: Within one step of Chaotic Evil

Domains: Chaos, War

As an unsuspecting glabrezu demon on the Abyss, Kuthos was suddenly summoned to Avlis by a Demon Lord named Kimonictinus. From there, Kuthos made history as the Demon Lord's main enforcer and executioner. Generally, Kuthos' strengths do not lie in his intellect. Fortunately, Kimonictinus did not recruit him for the purpose of thinking. Kuthos' job was doing. Any plans or ideas that were passed to him were carried out with primal glee and twisted pleasure.

Like anything else in Tanar'ri society, perserverance is not a key element in Kuthos' mindset. Eventually he tired of being the muscle behind Kimonictinus' conquest and he revolted from his main city of Demon's Teeth, deep within the Underdark. In that long battle, Kuthos gained his independence as a Demon Lord no longer subject to anyone.

Since that time, the worship and holdings of Kuthos have grown. The brutality and callous cruelty of his followers is known throughout the underdark, and feared accordingly. Like their Demon Lord, followers of Kuthos are not known for their elaborate scheming, planning, or ideas. Instead they are known for the blind, yet effective, way in which they charge into a situation with rage and hatred until victory is achieved.

Only the most cruel and evil races have a tendancy to worship Kuthos. Most of these are Adomkuro and kharakuro, though scattered sereg'wethrin offshoots have been known to serve him because of the similarities behind their modi operandi. As usual, exceptions are made, but not frequently.