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Deific Chart


Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Worshippers' Alignment: Any Evil

Clerics' Alignment: Within one step of Chaotic Evil

Domains: Chaos, Knowledge

In his previous existence on the Abyss, Alifanitax was a glabrezou demon of moderate power working his way up through the ranks of the Tanar'ri. Upon being summoned to Avlis by Kimonictinus, he took on the role of the Demon Lord's lieutenant in the conquest of the Underdark. Foremost in the personality of Alifanitax is a penchant for criticism, and it was this quality that made him work so well with Sharistracterus, the lieutenant employed by Kimonictinus to plan the conquest. Alifanitax's function was to refine the plans set forth by his colleague and look for any holes they might pose. When Alifanitax got involved in matters, he wanted to know them inside out. He wanted to know how, why, when, and anything else he could find out. From there, a list of problems would be brought forth by him and corrected before the plan was brought to bear. Though Alifanitax was not especially good at sticking to a plan once created and refined because of his chaotic nature, his position in Kimonictinus' command chain did not warrant the need.

After serving Kimonictinus for many years as a lieutenant, Alifanitax revolted from his capital city of Draiglon along with his other fellow lieutenants to gain their independence as separate Demon Lords. His victory was soon secured, after which Alifanitax turned his talents towards hedonism and debauchery. This pleased his worshippers to some extent, though problems often arose when battles threatened their borders and the ability to command entire armies was not his forte. In the end, this proved fatal to the short-lived Demon Lord who was killed by Kimonictinus after only 20 years of war-torn independence. Thus, Alifanitax is the only one of the major Demon Lords who has been killed so far.

Though there are still worshippers of Alifanitax who swear that he still lives or who try to revive him somehow, they do not gain any spells or benefits from their devotion. A good number of Alifanitax's worshippers were related to him in some way, because it is rumored that he fathered tens of thousands of illegitimate children that are spread throughout the Underdark. In hindsight, it was probably this behaviour that diluted his Black Dagger essence and contributed to his downfall to the point that he was easily dispatched.