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Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Worshippers' Alignment: Any Evil

Clerics' Alignment: Within one step of Chaotic Evil

Domains: Chaos, Evil

Sharistracterus was originally a glabrezou demon from the Abyss. On a fateful evening on that wind-scorched rocky plane, Sharistracterus found himself drawn by a summons he could not resist. When arriving on Avlis, he found that the summoner was a being unlike any other he had met, a powerful Demon Lord named Kimonictinus, and immediately Sharistracterus began to serve this creature in the hopes of supplanting him someday.

The talents of Sharistracterus were visible as soon as his clawed feet touched the grey stone of the Avlissian Underdark. He was a powerful schemer and spinner of plans. Upon hearing the ideas of his captain, Sharistracterus was able to turn these machinations into firm plans that met with many successes throughout the years he served as Kimonictinus' lieutenant. Thus, his counsel became indispensable to the Demon Lord.

Years later, when the lieutenant known as Kuthos revolted against Kimonictinus, a simultaneous revolt was staged by Sharistracterus to gain his own independence as a Demon Lord. After a bitter battle waged by his followers, their freedom was won, and to this day Sharistracterus rules from his home city of Sharis deep within the Underdark.

Worshippers of Sharistracterus are evil and conniving. Their ideals are similar to those of the Demon Lord. Like their liege, these worshippers are not often proficient at coming up with ideas or refining and executing the plans they make. However, their ability to create elaborate schemes to fool, distress, destroy, or conquer are unparalleled in the Underdark, and they are often sought after for this ability by those who are capable of the execution and delivery.

Naturally, individuals of this quality can be found among any races present on Avlis, and the diversity among the followers of Sharistracterus is large. Though there is not a lot of ceremony involved in his worship, the few ceremonies that do take place are extremely detailed and complicated, not to mention twisted.