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The following are well-known shops and vendors that can be found in the various cities, towns and villages of Avlis. These are natural draws to travelers visiting from other places. Note: Inns, taverns and the like are only listed if they offer anything out of the ordinary.

Shared Marketplace

Player characters can set up shop in those locations. The current shops are listed below.


Elysia - Elysia Cooperative Market
Port Eridanus - Sherrill's Imports and Exports
Mikona - Mikona Farmer's Market
Nor'Seere - Celeb ar' Malda Shops
Zvidureth - Zvidureth Crossroads Market


The list of Bioware Merchants, or Biomerchants, is a work-in-progress index of every type of goods bought & sold. You can find an abridged version below.

Shop Locations

Blandenberg Protectorate

Blandenberg Village
Pie Market
Ford Taunton
Chanu's Healing Supplies (outside the west gate)
Perago's Potions (outside the east gate)


Deglos Causeway, Crossroads (weapons & armour, traveler supplies)
Derome Delem (Marketplace, a little of everything)
Fort Hammerworker (weapons & armour)
Marazdin (enchanted goods, weapons & armour, etc.)
Marazdin Clothing Merchant (clothing, dyes)
Minur-Khuzad (enchanted goods, weapons & armour, etc.)
Nanshi Urbaz
Dobak's Fine Imported Elixirs (East Warren)
Mining Supplyz (East Warren)
Trakur's Warehouse (East Warren)
Urbaz Health Vendor (East Warren)
Lucky's Exchange (Marketplace)
The Marketplace (a little of everything, crafting tools & supplies)
Pilrex's Scrolls (Scholar's Inn at The Marketplace)
Watnick's Staves, Wands and Rods (enchanter)
Khizbun-Guruk Shop
Shop of Wonders


Artisans District (Trades District)
Angelina's Belts and Suspenders
Annamar's Herbs
Braara's Rare Books & Tomes
Crisus' Shoes & Sandals
Damarcel's Furs & Hides
Fanos' Shop of Alchemical Wonders
Futharada's Containers
Gacan's Fine Textiles
Hadrae's Gloves & Mittens
Igmiroth's Superb Jewelery (jewelry supplies, gems)
Mr. SorBen's Fine Threads (clothing, alterations)
Oditerus' Magnificent Magics
Eastern Residences
The Music Shoppe (inside the Menelaos Reading Room)
Paradise Boutique and Emporium
Warrior Maidens Guild Shop
Forge District (Trades District)
Dailiera's Fine Bows
Hesara's Leather Goods
Malor's Ironworks
Olafgith's Excellent Blades
Marketplace (a little of everything, flower market)
Deva's Scrumptious Foods
Warehouse (crates of crafting components)
Wharves (dockside market, miscellanea)
Outside The City Of Elysia
Elf Gate
Magical Aspirations
Farms East (south of Elf Gate)
The Shadow Harlequin
Farms Southeast (south of Elf Gate)
PUBlishing House
Elysia Cooperative Market (CHECK FOR VACANCIES)
The Corner Store
The Dragon's Hoard
Witch & Warlock
Farms Northeast (north of Elf Gate)


Braegan Pond
FEAT Enterprises (trading post)
Coventry Fair (Home of the perennial trade fair)
Ignatius' Pyrotechnics
Eastern Farmlands
Freelancer's Inn (trading post)
The Heartlands
Antoldenfard Smithy
The Sticking Point
Kitanya Hill
BKW Fashions (east side of the hill, alterations)
Ferrell Tourist Agency (north side of the hill, souvenirs, Ferrell Booksellers storefront)
Hastings Fish Market (south side of the hill)
Murano Glassworks (south side of the hill)
Rucellia's Pigments (west side of the hill)
Teriak's Grocery (south side of the hill)
Temple of Berryn (in the basement - west side of the hill, healing supplies store)
Port Eridanus
AKN Hall (herbal and alchemical products and ingredients)
Blimmermoon Bait and Tackle
Humphrey's Curious Goods
Nature's Enchantments (at the Elemental Haven)
Tower of Light - "The Quartermaster" ( Order of Gorethar Supplies)
ROTE Ferrell Style (clothing, ingredients and adventuring gear)
Trinity Outfitters
Sherrill's Imports and Exports (CHECK FOR VACANCIES)
Trade Hall:
Black Bolt Trading Co.
BOWplosion Boutique
Dru and El's General Goods
Fabulous Fael's Fantastic Findings from Far-off Frontiers
Fortune's Finders
The Hunter's Choice
Ironfinger's Trade Post
The Lone Trader
Mr. fantasZIK's ZAKadorium
Mistbreeze Magical Merchandise
Rade's Regional Repository
Variegated Mercantile
Craft Hall:
Croweater's Cleavers
Krek'a'licious Intentions
Ohm's Apoticarie
Tamahagane Blades and Kimonos
The Whetstone
Food Court:
Drakehall Exchange: Savor of the Hunt
Heavenly Delicacies
Lily's Lovely Lunches
The Mistbreeze Menu


Derrington Keep
Honest Kenneth (potions, scrolls, minor magical items, weaponry, armour)
Nov'gorod's (specialty armour)
The Pickled Badger Inn (arms & armour with the bar keep)
Outside Derrington Keep
A Kind of Magic Merchandise (scrolls, minor magical items)
Drakehall Keep
Drakehall Smithy (specialty weapons)
Eastshore Village
Dancing Kelpie General Store (at the namesake inn)
Shyla's Fine Imports (a little of everything, enchanter)
Vanity Realm (unique clothing and costumes, alterations)
Equaloria Keep
Courtyard Market (basic weaponry, potions, scrolls)
Dunster Mysterious Magics (wand crafting & scribing supplies)
Dunster Smith (weapons & armour, weaponsmithing supplies, alterations)
Finmaegen Keep
Blacksmith (weapons & armour, weaponsmithing supplies)
Courtyard Market (potions, scrolls, miscellanea)
Seamstress (enchanted clothing)
South of Finmaegen Keep (north of Mikona)
Vorin's Treasure Trove and Rest (bookstore)
West of Finmaegen Keep
Travelers' Depot (a little of everything)
Marketplace (a little of everything, enchanter, crafting tools)
Mikona Jewelers Company (jewelry supplies, gems)
Dracous Emporium
Enchanted Exotics (magical items)
FeatherFingers Trading (a little of everything)
Jame's Well Appointed Shop (rarity in its finest)
Joe's Stuff
Kassha's Loft
Southern Nobles Residences
Pink Ink (scribing & wand crafting supplies)
Signe Books (books)
Southern Slums
Fish Market (venture at own risk)
The Docks (bait & tackle market, sailor market)
Privateer Enterprises (a little of everything)
The Alleys (trap crafting supplies)
Outside The City Of Mikona
AAAA (outside the city gate, arms, armour, ingredients)
Luminous Order of the Mind (east of the city gate, psion supplies & gemstones)
Rookie Supplies (outside the city gate)
Weapons of Quality (Eastern Outskirts)
Mikona's Farmers Market (on the road to Mikona) (CHECK FOR VACANCIES)
Arglebargle's Gaggle oj Haggis, Flotsam, Thingamajigs ind Whatchamacallit
The Azure Arcanist
The Boneyard
Buttons Bargain Bucket
Drakehall Exchange
Golden Scrolls
The Giant Trading Company
Small Discoveries
The Treasure Chest
The Twisted Rose
Yantri's Surplus Goods
Nelthrope Keep
Nelthrope Smithy (crafting supplies)
The Order of the Way (general supplies, monk equipment)
Copper Cup ("that guy")
The Hammer and Anvil (specialty armour)


Abandoned Canopies Supplies (at the lift to Elysia)
Milsharen's Smithy (town square, specialty armour & weapons)
The Second Hand Celestial (what it says)
Vara'eth's Books
Le'Or T'Nanshi
Marketplace (a little of everything)
Mortal Magic District
Magic Supplies (books, scribing & wand crafting supplies)
Thayten'Le'Nanshin (food market, woodsman supplies)
Nor'Seere (above the Canopies)
Celeb ar' Malda Shops (CHECK FOR VACANCIES)
Drakehall Exchange
Echoes of Magic
Fabello's Wondrous Wares
Maidenhart's Merchantry
The Wildest Dream
Crafting Centre (crafting supplies)
General Store (a little of everything, specialty armour & weapons)
Treeshadow Commodities
Summerleaf (handy peddlers, monk equipment)
Central T'Nanshi
Celdur Amakiir's General Store (catch him if you can!)
AAAA (arms, armour, ingredients)
Roe'Que Open Trade & Study Hall (a little of everything, alterations)
Fairy Gardens
Loash Leheven (north of the gardens)
Romini Camp (south of the gardens, general store, mystic tent)
Northern T'Nanshi
Dal'Zekos Trade Centre (west of the lift to Le'Or T'Nanshi)
Elania Stop Tradepost (south of Zvidureth)
Friends of the Forest (north of Zvidureth)
Outsiders' Niche (south of Zvidureth)
Sophia's Silver Wares (north of Zvidureth)
Goblin Caves (east of Dwarftrade)
Bloodkin Merchant Services (Halls of the Bloodkin - lower caves)
Halls of the Fiddlesticks (upper caves)
Northwestern T'Nanshi, Gate to Deglos (blacksmith, tailor, alchemist)
Dracous & Renil Emporium
Jacob's Warehouse (crafting supplies and magical trinkets)
Rockfall Trading (west of the gate to Deglos)
Port Nireth
AAAA (arms, armour, ingredients)
Bayside General Store
Oceanside Inn Back Yard Store
Suneal Thorpe (blacksmith, healer, herbalist, tanner)
Opportunity Knocks
Seem'lah Sekor Kootzet (a little of everything, alterations)
Squids In (pirate booty, adventuring supplies, ranger supplies, crafting supplies)
The Archibald Thel Library and Repository of Zvidureth (Library, research, eatery, entertainment, auctions, lectures, and storage)
Red Manor
The Stickly Wizard (Red Order shopfront)
Jacob's Curios (gem cutting, wand crafting & scribing supplies, enchanter)
Zvidureth Crossroads Market (CHECK FOR VACANCIES)
Cadence's Curiousities
E'lvalia's Finest
Goodmane's - Wizard Supply and Knickknack Shop
Hoormany Secoonan
Le'Nofaythen Shop
The Wandlery
The Prevailing Night
Razzle Dazzle II
Romini Fortune Teller
Ruffi's Arcane Delights
Thralia's Trading Post

The Underdark

Marketplace (a little of everything, alterations, enchanter)
Cryptic Commodities (a little of everything, crafting facilities)
Eleni's Clothing (outfits, dyes, tailoring accessories, alterations)
Fofur's General & Trap Store (various & traps)
Golbok's Cocks (cocks)
Grimli's Heavy Metal (armoury, weaponry, weapon smithing)
Knezzar's Shop (staves & rods, enchanter)
Slassik's Slaves (slaves)
Sternalda's Necrowear (Pale Master & Mistress fashion)
Tblovoch's Alchemy (potions)
Zatameige Industries
Temple District
Temple of Kimonictinus Devotional Articles (staves & rods)
Torori'Nevalor (your local friendly Sereg'wethrin cell's shop)
Torture Museum Souvenir Store (you name it)
Outside The Verloghokbol Gates
West Worm Road
Devil's Hole Consortium (bottom of Devil's Hole Mine, various)


Academy District
Academy of the Advanced Arcane (AAA) (magic supplies) (north of the Academy District proper)
Academy of Mortal Magic (Bookstore)
Department of Alchemical Studies & Herbalism (alchemy, herbalism, cooking supplies; specialty potions)
Gretchen's Magical Wear & Specialty Dyes
Golden Scrolls
Truely Sweets
Crescetoria Valley Marketplace
Coril Steel's Weapons
Deider Lintwaddler's Potions and Scrolls
Lithos' Healing Supplies
Marandi's Supplies
Nandrindra Yaniceladon's Bows
Odella Rivetdriver's Armour
Temple of Hurine (general store)
Garrison District (flower market, cobbler)
Sorcerous Scrolls (wand crafting & scribing supplies)
Warrior Maidens Tower Tradepost
Lake Crescetoria
Periwinkle Brothers Fabulous Fireworks and Foghorn Factory
Residential District
Precious Objects (jeweller & artificer)
Frimungun Clothing Empire (alterations)
Heffernven Toy Shop (near West Gate)
Izrina's Staves (near Coldshadow Tavern, enchanted staves)
Silee's Small Favors (near Coldshadow Tavern, basic healing supplies)
Temple District
High Temple of Andrinor (wand crafting & scribing supplies, enchanter)
Southern Slopes of Mount Bolinar
Arcane Imports