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Nor'Seere is one of the first Avariel settlements in the Avlissian South after Angadar's curse was lifted, in the years following the conclusion of the Second Fairy War. The settlement is situated in northwestern T'Nanshi and stands on an escarpment of great elevation, rising high above the T'Nanshi Canopies.

It can be reached from its own lift, found by following the moon torches south from the Elysian Lift to the cliff face. There is also a secondary lift ((from the Le'Or Server)) on the second tier of the Canopies Lift at the vicinity of Elysia.

The settlement was founded by the grace of Queen Adathi. The Avariel Royal Court currently makes its seat there, as do many of the noble houses.

Noble Houses of Nor'Seere:

First House - House of Adathi

  • Queen Adathi of Nor'Seere (Head of House)
  • Lord Eddings - Protector of the Winds
  • Crown Princess Aviviya
  • Prince Consort Hebastion - Married to Crown Princess Aviviya

Second House - House Edding

  • Crown Prince Thalion (Head of House)
  • Princess Naia - Royal Ambassador
  • Snow - Minor Noble, a distant cousin to Adathi
  • Lord Seavien Dana - cousin to Lord Eddings and Head of House Dana

Third House - House Skybreaker

Fourth House - House Silverstrike

Fifth House - House Nightstorm

  • Paya Nightstorm - Daughter of the House (Head of House)
  • Eve Nightrose - Minor Noble, cousin to Paya Nightstorm

Sixth House - House Goldfeather

  • Faradin Goldfeather - Son of the House (Head of House)

Seventh House - House Highfeather

Members of the Court:

In addition to those listed above.

  • Bolton Feircebreeze - Royal Chancellor of Foreign affairs
  • Aiden Brightwing - Royal Stewart
  • Andryos - Dragon Ambassador, Keeper of Mysteries
  • Fortyn Owlblade - Head Historian
  • Cali Lightbreeze - Rangermistress of Nor'seere
  • Banner Cliffdodge - Royal Huntmaster
  • Blossum Honeyweave - Master Brewer and Trade Mistress
  • Kylen Icearrow - Royal Artisan
  • Snow - Minor Noble, a distant cousin to Adathi
  • Scarlet Riverwind - Royal Confessor
  • Ellina Cloudcross - Royal Almoner
  • Eve Nightrose - Minor Noble, cousin to Paya Nightstorm
  • Ana Applebranch - Head Druid of the Avariel
  • Celia Wintersbreath - Royal Scribe
  • Timber Fastflight - Royal Herald
  • Marcus Lightfeather - Royal Spymaster
  • Pan - Royal Alchemist and Homesinger (A keeper of the Dead)
  • Tiia Nimbus - Royal Treasurer
  • Judith - Head chef
  • Healer Tomas - Royal Healer
  • Jenkin Sparktome - Royal Bard of the Court
  • Soosha Highfeather - High Bard of Nor'seere
  • Captain Stormrise - Master of Ships

Notable Landmarks:

In the Northern District:
The Queen's House
The Dragons' Abode
The Trinity Temple (Cha'reth, Dru'El, Corellon Larethian)

In the Southern District:
Celeb ar' Malda Marketplace
Menelaos Performance Hall and Art Gallery