Ruffi's Arcane Delights

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"Ruffi's Arcane Delights" is run by Berruffi Hopen of the Green Order, and as its name suggests caters mainly for those requiring arcane supplies. It is located in the far right corner of Zvidureth Crossroads Market, and managed by Glenia.

Stock for sale

Full range of one & two rune rings

Full range of Ironsteel bands (one use per day, no mage training needed)

Headbands to aid casters, one & two runes

Selection of one rune rings to aid casters (these hold additional spells)

Full range of blank scroll papers

Large selection of enchanted wands

Clothing & gear to assist crafters

Enchanted gems for the creation of alloy weapons

The main selection of stock is replenished on a weekly basis.

Additionally there are selections of cloaks, belts, boots & many other items that may vary from week to week.

Seeking reagents

Glenia currently pays for Ettercap silks & Fairy dust


Glenia holds a copy of the 'Green Order of the Forest', should any seek basic information on this Mage Order.

Glenia sells cookies (Ruffi thinks this is important to mention)


Ruffi can be found variously at Green Tower (Le'Or), Leaf & Stone (Zvidureth), Porthole inn (Ferrel), Spittoon (Nuvar)

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