Rockfall Trading

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  • Shop Name: Rockfall Trading
    Rockfall Image.jpg
  • Proprietor: PCs:Teleniel
  • Location: Northwest of Dwarf trade
  • Shopkeeper:
Gyrr (NPC, Potions)
Drax (NPC, Materials Purchasing)
Ula'Aruu (NPC, Weapons)
Ya'luu (NPC, Armor)
Aluu (NPC, Trinkets)
Aruum (NPC, Wands & Scrolls)

Rockfall Trading

You can find Rockfall West of the Causeway terminus shops, along the northern edge of Dandigath Post. Just a short walk up the stream bed near the Deglosian Ferns & Apple Trees. Don't forget to bring a few in with you we'll take them off your hands!


Advanced Weapon Displays can be found at our counter in all styles from Steel to Goretharium.
Take a moment to relax and contemplate in our grove, or pray for a moment at the shrine to Dagath just left as you enter.

Training Center

A local Dryad has agreed to help teach those first learning the bond with their companion a few of the basic techniques. You can find her in the grove at the base of the mountain.
Advanced Companion Training classes are held occasionally, private lessons are available by request in the interim.

Contacting Rockfall

Teleniel Contact