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Rockfall Stamp.png
Teleniel E'Luarn
Race: Half-Nymph
Classes: Druid/Cleric/Monk
Deity: Dagath
Guild affiliations:
Avlis Arms & Armor Association

Rockfall Trading

Most active on server: T'Nanshi/Deglos
Contact: Leave a message

When Teleniel isn't out walking from hither to yon trying to learn more about the world of Negaria she spends many of her days relaxing in the woods of T'Nanshi or enjoying the mountain air of Deglos.

Appearance and personality

Tel stands just over 5 feet tall, her earth toned eyes match her brown hair which is often tied back with a simple piece of leather. While not a stunning beauty her fey heritage helps her radiate something between an earthy calm and the indomitable will of the waves upon a shore.

A Brief History

Tel has been a wanderer most of her life. From the days she spent with her Elven father to the seasons among the Fey with her mother, she was rarely ever not on the move. She was brought up with a deep respect for nature and how one fits into the natural community leading to her initial kinship with the Centaurs and their worship of the god Skern.

As the years rolled on she eventually started wandering further and further from her family, eventually her wanderings have left her far from them. In the past years there has been little need to think back on her childhood and she empathizes more with her love of her work with the plants and animals of the world than of her memory of her family.

Tel's work has lead her over and under mountains, through forests, swamps and deserts... There are only a few places on the surface of Negaria where she hasn't had occasion to walk through the wildest lands. She would often stop randomly in her travels and learn some of the local trades, everything from herb lore to blacksmithing and while she doesn't consider herself an expert, she is very confident in the crafting lore she has picked up in her travels.

As her travels wore on, her views as to how the peoples of the world expanded... eventually leading to stress with the philosophies of some more conservative members of the church of Skern. After extensive soul searching she eventually renounced her faith in the exact teachings of Skern and has taken up some of the more flexible ideals of the church of Dagath. Seemingly at odds with her character, she is afraid that she will not be welcome by the more dogmatic clergy, and attempts to stay away from his temples or leave only the lightest footprints during her visits. She nevertheless tries to live her life according to her interpretation of his teachings, giving healthy respect to those who worship Skern and abide by his teaching.

Current Activity's

Teleniel's studies into the nature of the Druid and Ranger Bond with their companions have taken her to organize training sessions where she can study the interaction of a large number of pairs.

Her personal studies currently involve work on developing new methods of the use for the bond. Specifically focusing on local outsiders with the occasional thought about homunculi created from the essence of the Forest itself.

Tel's primary companions:

  • Aria (White Tiger)

-- Aria comes from the Mountains of Northern Deglos. She can often be found around when Tel is in a good mood.

* Cat's Grace
* Heroism
* Haste 

  • Lyra (Kirre)

-- Lyra gave Tel quite the start when they first met in the Wilderness near Dwarf trade, however they have quickly become fast friends and can often be seen traveling together. Lyra can most often be found nearby when Tel is exasperated.

* Intensity Attack
* Improved Invisibility
* Quillfire

  • Scales (Shaarda Sand Lizard)

-- As of right now She is still unsure if he is happy with the name Scales. She is still trying to find something she can pronounce which he may be more responsive to. Large and in charge Scales is always willing to lend a claw or wing to help Tel out of any scrape she gets into. Scales can be found nearby when Tel is depressed.

* Rage
* Wing Buffet
* Acid Breath

  • Feather (Kurathene Falcon)

-- Feather is Teleniel's eye in the sky of south western M'chek. She occasionally will travel close with Tel, but she has a bit of a foul temper and most of her visits aren't for very long. Feather can usually be found when Tel is optimistic about the future.

*... Intensity Attack
*... None
*... None

Research Notes

* Scavenger Beast (Implimented, #3117 DC 60~)
* Hell Hound (Implimented, #179 DC 146)
Dire Wolf
* Shadow Mastiff (Implimented, #180 DC 146)
* Fenhound (Implimented, #177 DC ???)
* Bezekira (Implimented, #??? DC ???) -returns Red Panther companion-
* White Tiger (Implimented, #1300)