Hell Hound

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Creature Name: Hell Hound

Observations by: Teleniel

Creature Type: Animal ((179))

Creature Subtype: Outsider

CTS trainable: Yes (compatible with CTS).


Hell Hounds are aggressive, fire-breathing canines from the plane of Acheron. Specimens are frequently brought to the Material Plane to serve evil beings, and many have established indigeonous breeding populations.

A typical Hell Hound stands just over 4 feet high at the shoulder and weighs in excess of 100 lbs.

Feeding Habits

Hell Hounds subsist primarily on meat. While they will eat it raw, often times the unfortunate prey is well cooked by the time a pack brings it down.

Disposition and Social Habits

Hell Hounds are pack hunters, often trained by Devils as personal companions and trained hunters. Their innate mentalities are very similar to that of a Winter Wolf, where a pack will surround their prey and use their breath weapons to heard them to an opportune killing ground.


Hell Hounds can often be found where Devils once laid claim to the ground, often underground or in Caves. Some packs have been known to spring up near volcanic vents where they can bask in the natural heat.


Most compatible: Wolf

  • A Hell Hound seems a distant cousin of the Winter Wolves often found in the northern reaches of Deglos and Visimodium.

Other notes

Hell Hounds can frequently breath a cone of fire, similar to their native Winter Wolf Cousins. Their body temperature is such that each swipe with their claws or bite with their teeth can leave minor burns on their prey. As such they have an intense aversion to cold.