Shadow Mastiff

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Creature Name: Shadow Mastiff

Observations by: Teleniel

Creature Type: Animal ((180))

Creature Subtype: Outsider

CTS trainable: Yes (compatible with CTS).


Shadow Mastiffs are great hounds that prowl the night, seeking any prey they can find. A shadow mastiff appears as a large black dog, with a smooth black coat and a mouth full of very sharp teeth. They stand slightly more than 2 feet high at the shoulder and weighs about 200 pounds. Their native plane is a place of eternal shadow.

Feeding Habits

Shadow Mastiffs prowl the night for any prey they can find. They will scavange other kills when they are forced to it but take a wicked enjoyment in the hunt.

Disposition and Social Habits

Shadow Mastiffs are pack hunters. While one alone is a fearsome creature, working together they seperate their prey by attempting to trip some while scaring others away with their Baying.


Shadow Mastiffs can be found in the deepest parts of the Forest where the trees themselves provide an almost perpetual twilight, along with other similar places.


Most compatible: Dire Wolf

  • These large and powerfull extra-planner hounds are built to hunt and kill. Their pack attitudes are also very similar to what you find when studying Dire Wolves.

Other notes

Shaodw mastiffs prefer fighting in the shadows or dark conditions, which gives them a great advantage. If a mgical light source negates the shadows around them, shadow mastiffs are cunning enough to either move out of the light or back off and break up their opposition with their powerfull baying.