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Creature Name: White Tiger

Observations by: Teleniel

Creature Type: Animal ((1300))

Creature Subtype: Feline

CTS trainable: Yes (compatible with CTS).


While the White Tiger may be found in the mountains of Deglos near "The Scar" I believe that they are not native mountain creatures. They have difficulties navigating some of the pathways. They are able to keep their coats a pristine white even with their surroundings being a dank gray color with debris which may have drifted in from "The Scar". They can also be found near the northern mountains of Waynbleck Vale, east of Fumwick hot springs, where game is plentiful.

Feeding Habits

Mostly carnivorous, the White Tiger is an omnivore based on lack of apparent meat in the area.

Disposition and Social Habits

Traveling in packs of 2-5 these regal animals have a somewhat sour disposition to intruders. While not cruel their surroundings to instill a sense that if an available food supply is found they may begin hunting to ensure their next meal. They are, however, quite friendly if you are willing to take the time to instill with them that you mean them no harm.


Their White coat leads me to believe that they are native to Visimodium and have been sighted in Deglos due to a rise in tensions around their native habitat.


Most compatible: Panther

  • Belonging to the Large Cat family (measuring approximately 2 meters in length) these tigers are likely best suited to being bonded with a Panther.

Other notes

None listed.

(added in CTS v1.1.0.1)