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Creature Name: Bezekira

Observations by: Teleniel and Kassaerth Ssalaresh

Creature Type: Animal ((####))

Creature Subtype: Feline

CTS trainable: Yes (compatible with CTS).


Sleek and stealthy, large and powerful, the bezekira is perhaps the most ferocious cat Tel or Kassaerth have yet come across. The hellcat, as many call it, is as large as the tiger, as stealthy as the panther, and much more dangerous than either. Most are black, some with patches of dark red. Despite its size, the bezekira is able to disappear into the slightest of shadows, becoming near invisible at will.

Feeding Habits

Hellcats have a significant intelligence and sometimes kill for the enjoyment of it. Even those kept by devils often refuse to be fed and instead hunt for their own food.

Disposition and Social Habits

Bezekira are cruel creatures, a product of the 9 hells to which they call their home. They take a perverse enjoyment from setting ambushes and otherwise outwitting their prey, which they may be stalking and killing in their boredom. Kassaerth has most often seen hellcats in small packs of two or three, although bezekira have also been known to travel and hunt alone.


These cats are rarely seen outside of the planes of Hell. They can occasionally be found where the fabric between the planes is thinner using the Material Plane as a private hunting ground. Kassaerth has only encountered hellcats in the deep tunnels beneath Deglos, near the company of devils such as Erinyes and Cornugons. It is uncertain if the bezekira itself is actually a devil, or if such devils sometimes keep them as pets.


Most compatible: Panther

  • The bezekira is certainly most similar to the panther in both appearance and hunting style.

Other notes

(( Bezekira are currently trainable, but become a red panther once tamed, presumably due to shared appearance. They are obviously a different creature, perhaps even one that should not be compatible with CTS due to being a devil. If they are to be compatible, suggested CTS special abilities (to most closely match the standard creature's innate abilities) could include Improved Invisibility, Nightstalker's Transformation (Transmutant version of Tenser's), Greater Stoneskin, or Shadowshield. ))