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Creature Name: Fenhound

Observations by: Teleniel

Creature Type: Animal ((177))

Creature Subtype: Outsider

CTS trainable: Yes (compatible with CTS).


A Fenhound is a manifestation of a spirit who has forced themselves back to the material plane. Their intense devotion to their cause in life drove them to re-enter the cycle before it was their time, creating a physical body to inhabit from the aether.

A Fenhound stands approximately 4 feet high at the shoulder weighing between 200 and 300lbs. Their silver coats are stretched over tightly coiled muscle giving them an intimidating appearance.

Feeding Habits

Fenhounds live primarily on meat, although will only hunt enough to sustain themselves. The need to eat is only important because it helps them defend the grounds which they have claimed.

Disposition and Social Habits

Fenhounds are solitary creatures. They have been known to befriend adventurers who are working to defend their territories, however they should never be confused with a docile or tame animal.


Fenhounds can usually be found near the remains of battlefields or over destroyed holy sites.


Most compatible: Dire Wolf

  • A Fenhound is physically very similar to a Dire Wolf or a Wolf, however that is where all similarities end. There are no known Fyglia which might be better suited to describing their nature.

Other notes

While a Fenhound understands what location or ideal it was defending in it's past life, It lacks the higher reasoning to understand why. As such Fenhounds are occasionally tricked into acts they never would have performed in life.

A Fenhounds first tactic is to try and Howl to scare away any creatures who come to disturb what it is protecting. If that doesn't work they will rely on their resilient hides to turn away most blows and close in to intruders. Because of their intense devotion, Fenhounds develop very acute senses to detect intruders, evading a Fenhound near their chosen ground is no easy task.