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Friends of the Forest
  • Store Name: Friends of the Forest
  • Location: South of ROTE Dwarf trade and North of Zvidureth
  • Shopkeeper: Brighde (NPC)
  • Proprietor: Glorandrea Aersinith
  • Stock: Trinkets for new adventures, low cost and garb, armor enchanted by consignment

Friends of the Forest

Friends of the Forest once belonged to a mysterious lady named Isabella. Glorandrea being a Junior Partner of ROTE, took the chance and bought the tree from Isabella when she offered it for sale. Glorandrea and her sister Fi, live above the store in a beautiful tree. There home above the store, comprises of three rooms and a kitchen. Fi's room has many beautiful pictures on the walls. She spends most of her time seeking solace and quiet in the Forest. Glorandrea has a bust of Dre'Ana in her room, which she often lights candles and offers prayers there. It was Glorandrea's wish to make items available at a fair price to all. She is constantly seeking ways of producing items by trade. She is often needing many things and will offer a trade for such. In her mind, there is no deal that can not be made.

Of Interest

Within the shop, is a lovely dryad tree where Fi's childhood friend Lilium lives. Upon the wall is a painting depicting the Golden Legacy Adventure Company. While they don't speak often of it; is rumored the swords above the fireplace could be the shattered remains of Elwin/Obsidius blades. All the woodwork, Glora had imported from the Riverlands west of Crosstreams and southeast of the Blackwater Fen; where she is from. Friends of the Forest offers its very own Brown Ale. Sometimes Elwin gets out of the kitchen and roams the shop to his own delight.