Halls of the Fiddlesticks

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The Fiddlesticks

The Fiddlesticks are a small clan of dispossed Goblins, who call themselves "Valley Goblins" to differentiate themselves from their evil kin. Whilst not exactly good, Valley Goblins are not exactly bad, having learnt to keep themselves to themselves following persecution from the "Big Jobbies" as they like to call others.

The Halls of the Fiddlesticks lie in a hidden gorge of the Northern Deglos mountain range. For those wishing to seek out their Halls, the hidden gorge is somewhere between Dwarftrade and the Canopy Lifts to Northern T'Nanshi.

Locations of Note

The Halls of the Fiddlesticks are buried deep beneath the Deglos mountains and are quite extensive. There are at least 9 merchants with permanent shops set up below.

The Stream Beneath

The first site to greet visitors to the Halls of the Fiddlesticks is the fast flowing Stream Beneath the Mountains. It's important to remember to cross this stream to visit the Halls - foolhardy travelers who venture further down the dark steps will find themselves in the Bloodkin caves - definitely not a nice place to be. The Bloodkin caves are dank and miserable, haunted by the ghosts of forgotten villains.

The Underworld Stores

Directly over the Stream Beneath is the first of the merchants of the Fiddlesticks. Here, Gorm The Smelly waits with open purse. Whilst he does not purchase many items, he has the largest stock of enthusiastically enchanted items, bags, pouches, healing supplies and potions in northern Le'or.

The Old Forge

Overlooking the Stream Beneath, Islwyn James, a veteran inn keeper of many years standing has set up a fine old tavern. Many local denizens often call in here for a refreshing brew or to grab a tasty handful of Islwyn's Nuts.

It's worth noting that certain shady characters frequent this tavern, and goods - and services - of a less legitimate nature can be found if one knows the right palms to cross.

Islwyn also keeps a selection of Inn Rooms for the Patrician of the Fiddlesticks. To get hold of one of these rooms, an audience must be made with the Patrician, of course. Rooms are limited and in high demand.

The Lesser Library of the Fiddlesticks

A cosy antechamber sits in one of the side passages - here, visitors to the Halls will be greeted by Llygfer the Librarian, when he is not in the Great Library in the Halls Below. More of a bookshop than a lending library, this room boasts the finest selection of Actually For Sale books, rivaled only by the hidden Tower of the Twlwyth Teg. All books here are for sale - there is no membership or joining fee. With customary huff, Llygfer will happily suggest the larger and wider ranging Library of Thel Milstone, in the nearby market town should a customer persist in trying to borrow a book.

The Grand Halls of the Fiddlesticks

Taking the spiral stairs further downwards will lead you to the Grand Halls.

The Great Hall

The Great Hall of the Fiddlesticks is a bustling place. Warmed by the Great Fireplace, the Patrician can often be found sitting by the fireside. It is here that a fine selection of foods and drinks using recipes from the known worlds is available.

Auntie Pauline - Running the Cymoedd Cegin, Auntie Pauline serves up a delicious range of cooked meats and other items from all across the known worlds.

The Grand Hall of the Merchant Princes

The somewhat pompously named Grand Hall is a bustling market place of merchants, traders, vagrants and travelers at all times of the day or night. Histories of the Fiddlestick People and a selection of some of their finer trophies line the walls.

In a place of honour are the Statues of Honoured Heroes - those not of the Fiddlesticks but who have impressed them with either their wisdom, skill or disregard for personal hygiene and proper attire.

Seren Fiddlestick - The Captain of the Guard of the Fiddlesticks can be found here, for those wishing to join either the merchant-guilds or the Fiddlesticks themselves. Seren watches over all who enter the Halls and has little time or patience for stupidity or arrogance.

Numerous merchants have set up permanent shops in the Hall:

Arwen Fiddlestick - ever bright and bubbly, Arwen is the finest jewel-smith that that the Fiddlesticks know. Her stock items are collected from near to far, but it is her own work that attracts customers from all over, and her pieces are often copied with varying degrees of success by those aspiring to her level of art.

Brom Fiddlestick The Mastersmith of the Fiddlsticks offers a range of enchanted weapons and armours, including many made by the greatest bladesmith in Negaria. Adventurers wishing to make a special commission should leave word for the Patrician.

Rhiannon Fiddlestick - Clothing, cloaks and boots of all kinds can be found with this young Valley-Goblin. As always, the Prices of the Fiddlesticks are the lowest around, and come with a guarantee: if you're not happy with your purchase, you can buy another item for its asking price, absolutely free.

Umbar Fiddlestick - deals with all manner of Arcane Artifacts, Scrolls and IOUN stones. His prices on scrolls are quite possibly too low, and the many magical curios he carries are a wonder of the world. Umbar will also discuss orders for those wishing to create their own artifacts, and can create kits and IOUN stones for those friendly with the Fiddlesticks.

Old Jones - a wandering peddler can often be found in the Halls also, selling a range of goods that the Fiddlesticks find useful, from basic crafting supplies to essential foodstuffs.

The Siop Mundana

Situated off the Great Hall, the Siop Hudol is run by two very busy Valley-Goblins.

Grug Fiddlestick - Grug deals with all kinds of crafting materials and components. Often, when need is great, she will post special deals and offers on the Notice Boards - canny young adventurers can make their fortune collecting items for her without even having to swing a blade, although care is taken to ensure less reputable stallkeepers do not take advantage of her naivety.

Mity Kri - A forest ranger of some repute, Mity Kri carries a huge range of ammunition for bows, crossbows and slings. He is also a hunter, and will buy unwanted skins or hides at a price to equal that of government scrap merchants everywhere. Most of his items are for use by the Fiddlestick clan, but offers made to the Patrician would be discussed.

The Halls of Making

The Halls of Making are fully equipped to cover all of the crafting needs of Master Artisans anywhere. The Old Patrician can often be found here, giving lessons and words of advice to fresh faced apprentices, and is always pleased to help those of a suitable nature develop their skills. Except Gnolls.

The Chambers of the Fiddlesticks

Beyond the Great Hall are the Chambers of the Fiddlesticks - these areas are off limits to non clan-members, which is a shame, as few will ever get to enjoy The Small Square Room of Learning Things situated off the Not As Great But Still Quite Nice Hall.

To contact The Halls of the Fiddlesticks, use the Commander Morgan forum account.