Hoormany Secoonan

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The Hoormany Secoonan is a shop in the Crossroads Market in Zvidureth, T'Nanshi. Look for the off-white tent in center of the market towards the rear wall. It is owned by Ewnin Amnannu and managed by Mildur Fereftyln.

Hoormany Secoonan is a Nanshilae phrase that means "Many Adventures" in the Common tongue.


Our inventory is primarily focused on the following categories:

  • Archery (Arrows, Bolts, Bows) - Widest selection of arrows and bolts of any shop in T'Nanshi!
  • Enhancement Potions - Potions, Cordials, Elixers, and more!
  • Healing Supplies - Healing Kits, Potions, and Ointments
  • Musical Instruments - Beginner's and Musician's models

We also buy and sell many crafting components, herbs, metals, and magical bags.

Special Requests

If you want to be our supplier, contact us to negotiate a contract. And if there are goods that you'd like us to add to our inventory, contact us.

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