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Elladin, Psion Illuminatus of the Luminous Order

AKA: Master Elladin, Elladin the Wanderer
Race: Elf
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Gender: Male
Class: Psion & Meditative Warrior; formerly a Nanshi Scout
Religion: Ptah
Birthplace: Unknown
Current Residence: Mikona, Tower of the Mind

Contact: Send a PM


Although his origins are obscure, Elladin first surfaced among those training to serve in the Nanshi army for the war against M'Chek. His natural independence and flair with light weapons inevitably led to his training as an advanced scout, but the war came to an end before he saw active service.

With a head full of military training and a blade unbloodied, he could not settle with the peace and took up a nomadic existence wandering across southern Avlis. He tried his hand at trading, carrying goods from place to place, working on commission from both buyers and sellers. It was around this time that he started to experience extreme migraines and blackouts. Much searching led him to think that priests of Senath might be able to aid him, and a lucky commission paid his passage Northward, to the Kurathene Empire and the grand city of Kuras, a place that would be his transformation. His skill with the rapier led quickly to a room at the Swordsman's Academy, and Kuras become his home. He found the temple of Senath closed up and guarded and was plagued still blackouts that were becoming worse.


It can only be luck that brought him under the tutelage of a Senathite monk by the name of Isogel, and with his guidance Elladin learnt to discipline his chaotic soul. With discipline came peace, an end to the mental torture he had endured. And something else. Talent. His mind manifested powers he could not imagine, nor had seen before. Greater meditation and self-discipline led to an understand and control of these powers, and he found a new path to walk.

Elladin gained confidence, and his Talent developed rapidly; he soon outstripped his tutor. He started to develop his philosophy of the nature of Order and Chaos, understanding the nature of psionics, and working closely with another individual of Talent, a priest of Senath called Balthazar, he founded a psionic order, the Luminous Order of the Mind. As psion of this Order, he formed alliances with mages of the Blue Order of the Sky, most notably Thalarian, and the Sword of Toran to counter various threats to the city of Kuras, while maintaining the political and theological neutrality that his Order required.

Most notable of these was the threat posed by the insane mind-flayer, Abalaxarrh, an outcast from his own society for his necromanceric ways. Hundred, perhaps thousands, of citizens of Kuras died at his hand, and many of his principle opponents, Elladin included, fell victim and barely survived the encounters. Eventually, Elladin led members of his order, together with mages of the Blue Order, and a strike force from the Sword of Toran into the dreamscape that Abalaxarrh held as his lair, and destroyed him here, the one place in which he was vulnerable. As a prize, he took from the fallen creature his enchanted hood, and a copy of his journal, both treasures now housed in the Tower of the Mind.

Elladin, Psion of the Order

As Elladin grew in power, he began to travel more widely, finding means to travel beyond the prime material plane, until he had walked among angels and demons. He met with the most powerful psions across the multiverse, and trained with them, returning eventually to Kuras to assume the role of Master Psion of the Luminous Order. He commissioned a Tower in which to house the Order, to provide accommodation and training facilities, and devoted himself to the running of the Order.

Through these years, before and after becoming a Master Psion, Elladin focused much of his efforts on learning all he could about the illithid, both through reading the ponderings of sages, and through direct contact with the aberrant race. With time, his knowledge came to exceed any sage he might find to consult, or any other individual he met throughout his travels. There was little he did not know of the illithid, save for the detailed working of their thoughts.


Elladin the Wanderer

Increasing, as the years past, those drawn to the Luminous Order hailed from the far south, and it was natural for Elladin to cast his mind to establishing a branch of the Order away from Kuras. Eventually, the chance came, and a new Tower of the Mind was build in a hidden grove in the forests north of Mikona. Recruitment picked up, under the efforts of a psion by the name of Straccio who had become Elladin's apprentice in Kuras, and the southern branch of the Order flourished. With Psion Straccio advancing to Master Psion in a grading that almost took his life, and taking charge of southern operations, Elladin resumed his travels. He travelled now in cloaked and hooded, robed in grey, and as the Grey Wanderer once again travelled across the planes, his wisdom deepening, his power ever growing. His journeys took him to the grey wastes of Hades, where he studied demons of many forms, solved the puzzles of the Lady's dungeons, and discovered numerous artefacts not found elsewhere; he wandered deep into the Underdark of the prime material, seeking and studying evil in all its forms; sought illithid where he could find them, seeking to deepen his knowledge of their mental talents.

The strain he endured in these travels changed him little on the outside, but left a painful scar on his soul. While he at times met his match, more often he held the edge, and came to know the mind - the collective thoughtways of the illithid. With this knowledge he was able to unlock dark Talents from unknown corners of his own mind. After some time, he was able to master, to control, such Talents, and he emerged wiser from this dark time. He speaks little of the events of these days, and then really only to those who have some shared understanding.

more to come...


This information can be regarded as IC, according to standard policy. That does not mean it is all common knowledge! It is up to you to determine how much, if any, is known to your PC.