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Miette Hartley
Current Age: Appears to be in her early 20's

Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Sor/Rog
Nicknames: Beloved of Andrinor, Sky Fire, Andrinor's Firebrand
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Residence: Visimontium
Affiliations and Titles:

Former Affiliations

Research Interests

  • Vortex Metaphysics
  • Shadow Magic
  • Arcane Pedagogy
  • Arcane History
  • Methods to Smite Uppity Magelings

Personal Information

"I forsee you becomming the greatest of all sorcerors....Even greater than mistress Elrandra...." -Damar Ogdem.


Miette is a petite young woman appearing to be in her early 20s, with wispy shoulder length auburn hair and wide, expressive eyes with piercing silver irises that hint at her outsider ancestry. With a hale, tanned complexion, and a full voluptuous figure to compliment her sweetness of expression, Miette very often resembles the image of a rural, provincial beauty, an impression she often uses to her advantage.

When not in her order robes, she is often dressed in a simple blue robe made of an inexpensive fabric such as cloth or linen, usually adorned with a silver runic pattern depicting the word “fire��? in Magya woven into the hems of her sleeves. Cut in a fashion that lightly hugs her supple figure, these robes conceal much and reveal little, but draw just enough attention to her physical beauty to catch the eye.


A volatile and deeply passionate individual, Miette is intensely dedicated to the Arcane Art and its study to the point that many consider her focus upon magic to be in the realm of obsession. Though the intercessions of both her dear friend Aerill Ailpera and Andrinor himself have cooled some of the more erratic and explosive parts of her personality, her behavior is oftentimes still difficult for non-mages to comprehend. Her untamable will and her destructive, fiery wrath have earned her the nickname “Sky Fire.

Deeply (some would say fanatically) devoted to the Arcane Arts, Miette typically shows an indifference towards non-mages that borders upon condescension and outright hostility. Her apparent indifference towards non-magical events and authorities upon Avlis tends to make her appear self-centered and arrogant and she has little patience for those with little or no understanding of the Arcane world.


A powerful arcanist with an intimate connection to the Vortex of Mortal Magic, Miette is a skilled war mage equally at home in both a structured dueling environment and the chaos of open warfare. Her innate magical ability leans towards the schools of illusion and evocation, with a particular emphasis upon spectramancy and pyromancy subsets of each school, drawing from her penchant for flashy, elaborate displays of magic with her the flame-like intensity of her personality.

However, Miette is best renown for her speed when casting arcane magic. Her close understanding of Vortex mechanics and her own intensely personal connection to magic allow her to call upon her Gift almost at a whim, drawing upon the Vortex and shaping spells in fraction of the time usually required. Combined with her deadly repertoire of offensive magic, Miette is capable of raining down tremendous swaths of destructive magic in a short, concentrated burst, often leaving shattered armies and landscapes in her wake.