Visimontium Orphanage

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Visimontium Orphanage, Nursery and Daycare Lt. Robert d'Angelus

The Visimontium Orphanage, Nursery and Daycare started out as a private initiative by Hebrin of the Order of the Dragon, and Miriel of Visimontium. It was established in 2225, under the auspices of the Visimontium Sentinels, and under the motto "Informed choice for the future".

As of the Fall of 2136, the Orphanage has been passed on to the full governance of the Visimontium Sentinels, with the General Marshal as its Honorary Director. The position was accepted by General Marshal Fealith Anifail.

The building is situated in the foothills of Mt. Bolinar, on the road from the Academy District to the Arena of Andrinor. The Orphanage holds a long record of its pupils, and a history record related to its patron Sentinel Robert d'Angelus.

  • Public announcements:

Founding Proclamation

Open Doors Announcement

Passage of Governance