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The Order of the Dragon

Founded by Guido Flamefist and Jade under the guidance of the dragon Nargulthonossor.

Alignment/Class Restrictions: Only lawful alignments are accepted (alignment cannot be anything else than lawful) and the major class is Monk or Psion. If the latter we do request their other class be Monk, since we ARE a Monastic Order. We do feel that those favoring the mental arts will benefit from physical discipline as well as mental so the Council of Masters might require some additional training in the physical arts for Psions (i.e. not just 1 Monk level). Multi-classed Monks other than Monk/Psion are welcome, if their Monk class is the primary one. If not, they will be judged on an individual basis.

Base of Operations: Though originating from Eastern M'Chek, it was decided to relocate our main base of operations to a more remote area of Southern Negaria. Thus, the main Monastery of the Dragon has been constructed in Deglos in a remote valley far above Nanshi Urbaz in the mountains. The valley is officially called Beaum ciob Nanshi Urbaz, but more commonly "The Valley of the Dragon". The Order maintains friendly ties with other monasteries, like the Order of the Way in M'Chek and the Order of the Hammerfist in Nanshi Urbaz. Eventually more Monasteries will be popping up everywhere. The Order operates all over Southern Avlis right now.

How to Contact Us: To find us either ask around Elf Gate in Elysia, the Rock in Mikona, or other populated areas and you will likely find someone that has heard of the Order and can refer you to a member. Or you can leave us a message on a tavernboard and we will contact you. You can also seek out one of the current Masters of the Order directly:

Grandmaster Unen Yana PM     Headmaster Gladd'avenglori PM     Loremaster Red Lotus PM

Master Odel Helmsplitter PM     Master Hebrin Maul PM

What We Do: The Order of the Dragon is non-religious, non-political, open order for Monks. Although the Order is not affiliated with any deity, we will not reject religious Monks whose faith aligns itself with the Order's goals. The Order has two main goals. The first is to serve the lands and the people who live within them. We focus on trying to bring and maintain balance to the lands of Avlis in order to obtain peace and prosperity for all (actually, most is a better term - unnatural abominations and undead type creatures are not viewed too favorably). The other primary goal is providing training and guidance to its members, both by helping one develop the Harmony of Self through mastering our Ki energies and perfecting our bodies and also by teaching one the Wisdom needed to use ones power wisely to create and maintain Balance. There are also some subgroups within the Order which involve Psion and stealth characters which you will have to learn more about on your own.

What to Expect: Members will have meetings, called tribunals, periodically to discuss current issues and to take care of Order business (currently take place every Sunday at 18:00 GMT). The Order will occasionally host an event which will involve contests of melee and of the mind (called the Day of the Dragon). In addition, members will frequently get together to adventure in areas all over Avlis and they are always seeking to test themselves wherever they can.