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The Story of the Jade Dragon

Two red haired twins, enter the tavern one night. The people gathered fall silent, as the two bards gracefully bow. Together, with their warm soft voices, they tell those gathered, the story of the Jade Dragon.

Though always open to discussion, very few people know details of Jade's past. The pale looking Elf admits to have born in Le'Or T'Nanshi about 140 years back. He grew within a family beaten hardly by the war, as his father was an army officer fighting in the war front. For that, Jade has very little to say of his family, as he rarely saw his father, while his mother was never sober enough to take interest on her children's problems.

Seeking a meaning in his life, Jade spend most of his time in the forests of Le'Or, which he adores. There, during his 70th winter he met Neconilis.

Neconilis proved to be a human Master Monk, seeking for some unknown reason for a young apprentice desperately. Jade proved true to Neconilis expectations, as the young elf had very little things to tie him to his past, grabbing the opportunity to do and become something greater, than be cannon fodder for the stupid war.

Jade spend many years next to Neconilis' He rarely speaks of those, though when he does he speaks with pride for enduring them. Neconilis was a most harsh sensei, always choosing the most painful and hard way to make his point. Basing his teachings on the fact that one has to suffer and endure, in order to reach perfection, he made a hell out of Jade's life, hardening his soul as the years passed...

For about 50 years, Jade and Neconilis wandered around the realm of Avlis, venturing from the Kurathene lands, to those of M'Chek. Never staying in the same place for more than a few days. Not one day in those years was easy for the young elf, who remained closely tied to his sensei with blind respect, despite the beating and harassing. Something in Neconilis proved most fearful and intimidating; most convincing. Slowly Jade's heart turned to stone.

Few clues are ever given on how Jade's relation with Neconilis actually ended.

Jade returns to his beloved T'Nanshi forests a few years ago. Not wishing to have anything to do with his family, he avoids Le'Or, and seeks a new home in the fair city of Elysia. Wandering around, he meets Siballe Na'shti, a desert druid from the lands of the Kurathene, who is found wandering clueless around the forests of Elysia. Together they visit Elysia for the first time, explore it and call it home.

With Siballe he forms a very close relationship, as she was the first person Jade came to trust.

Meanwhile, while venturing one day deep within the sewers of the city, Jade meets Anton Tzsu. Anton proves to be sharing Jade's path and visions, and due to his combat superiority and spiritual tranquility, soon is recognized by Jade as his new sensei.

Together they evolve a perfectly balanced master-apprentice relation, unlike Jade's previous experience with Neconilis. Anton influences Jade mostly, making him appreciate and respect the bonds of friendship, and raising Jade's self-respect to a great degree.

One day near the battlefield a shameful incident occurs, in front of Anton's eyes. Jade on his way to meet his master is being attacked by a group of soldiers, and while defending his life, he is seen by the Gorethar High Paladin Kaelyn MacCador. Kaelyn blames Jade for banditry against the M'Chekian soldiers, basing his accusations in what he witnessed, before he asks Jade for an explanation. Jade explains the incident, but Kaelyn is not convinced.

Meanwhile, more soldiers attack Jade, who runs for his life. Anton shows up, dispatches the soldiers and defends his student's honor towards the Paladin, who now speaks against him as well. Finally, falsely accused but in order to avoid further involvement of his master, Jade is forced to swear to the Paladin that he never assaulted anyone in the battlefield. The Paladin drops charges, but the damage is done.

Jade feels ashamed of letting his sensei down, by having him involved in this shameful incident. As Jade honours his word above all, he feels mistreated and dishonoured by the paladin for not believing him, and accusing him in the first place. He leaves Anton's side forever, seeking a path of his own.

Even today Jade blames himself for that incident, feels shame and considers his name spoiled in the eyes of his former master. Determined never to let such an unfairness ever happen to him again, or those he considers his own people.

Few know what followed this incident. Jade is seen to spend time with the High Cleric of The'ton, Ba'alzamon, who supports the young elf mostly. He is introduced to a new community, one consisting on very important personalities of Avlis, like Alladorn Echindar, Amonien Amana, Damar Ogdem, Midnight and many more among them. With them Jade finds the security and strength.

The Seven work hard to serve the city of Mikona in their own unique way, gathering many followers who share their visions of power. Keeping control on the hordes of Vampyres that were threatening the city of Mikona, and finally defeating the Demon Vampire Nastassiou, they prove with their deeds that they do strife for the good of the city, despite of the most brutal public harassment they received by most Orders of that time, who simply were unable to comprehend their true motives. With trusted friends by his side like the outcast Broadbent Dilligaft, the legendary Bauglir brothers, the 'Shock Cell' and the so called by few 'Bitch Cell', Jade gains power. Power he uses to protect those he considers his own, helping them to prosper accordingly.

The seven finally break, with the intervention of Angadar himself, Jade is found alone, wiser after all this time, seeking a greater vision.

That vision's name was Nargulthonossor. On a cold winter night while meditating in the Order of the Way with his trusted friend Guido Flamefist, travelling Monk, the two men are visited by someone who claims to follow the path of the empty fist. The monk asks the two men to follow, and he leads them near a mountain. Before they reach it, the man suffers ill fate from an ogre attack and dies. Fulfilling the man's last wish, Jade and Guido arrive on the top of the mountain, where they are visited by an Ancient Wyrm, Nargulthonossor. The Dragon speaks to the two men about his vision of Balance, and asks them to gather the monks of the land under this vision. Guido and Jade accept, and Guido is given leadership of the Order, with Jade to assist him in his efforts. Soon the first Tribunal of the Order occurs, and more monks follow the ideals of Balance. The Order of the Dragon is formed.

Jade follows the ways of the Balance, his ways begin to change, his heart begins to soothe. Towards this, three women come to influence the ways of the young elf. Sarrena Sunflower, Lady Divinia, and Jade's old friend Siballe Na'shti.

Sarrena is a chaotic little Halfling, Jade met in one of his travels. They started adventuring together, and soon they fell in love. Finally they decide to bind their lives and live together. For many years the two are always together, each influencing the other in his way.

Divinia, the Druid with the best bark around proved to be more a healer of the spirit, than of the body as people know her to be. She supported Jade in his hard times, offering him her friendship. Jade respects her mostly, trusts her with his darkest secrets, and enjoys her company mostly. Divinia together with Siballe help Jade find his lost self confidence, and focus on his role within the Order of the Dragon.

In the meantime, a new threat has risen in the lands of Avlis. The so called Gentleman ravages the land, spreading terror and fear in the hearts of those he meets. As the leader of the Order of the Shadow, a monk Order consisting on undead warriors coming from destroyed monasteries of Kurathene, the Gentleman challenges directly the Order of the Dragon. In one such occasion, the Gentleman meets Jade along with Sarrena and few from the Order of the Dragon. He threatens to kill them all, and Jade asks for a duel, so that the lives of the others might be spared. Jade looses the duel, and in a desperate attempt to save the lives of the rest, leads them to the Order of the Way. The Gentleman follows them there, and multiplies to totally four copies of himself. A terrible fight occurs. The Master of the Way arrives, and in the end he and Jade are the only ones left alive. Monks die, Sarrena dies, and so does the child she carries in her womb. Sarrena suffers amnesia, and Jade is devastated. Jade resigns from the position of the Order's Headmaster, blaming himself for the deaths of his people.

Since then Jade is a different person. He swears to avenge his loss, and works for this, gathering the forces of the land against the common threat. Together with Ayren Milen and Emrys they arrange an expedition, and the beast is finally imprisoned once again. Jade's pain remains.

After consulting his Dragon Mentor, the elf withdraws to the mountains of M'Chek, where he spends many years alone, thinking about his life. Few people hear from him, apart from his very close friend Lomir Ma'fer, who keeps a close eye on him during the years of his solitude.

The years pass, and Jade changes. He now focuses his efforts to the balance of the land. He returns, only to find the Order of the Dragon suffering many problems. Together with Riva and the rest of the remaining monks they organise the Order anew, focusing on the various problems of the land. The abduction of Nargulthonossor by the Order of the Shadow binds the monks of the Dragon more. As a clenched fist, the monks finally seek their mentor into the Shadow Plane, and successfully rescue him from the hands of V'heress and his monks. Balance prevails.

A new era begins for the Order of the Dragon and Jade.

This is the story of the Jade Dragon, as recorded through out the years, by his personal biographers.

Claudia and Demandredd The Shadus Sisters Performers and Historians of Avlis

Claudia: Are you sure we have got it all Dema? Demandredd: Of course not, but the stupid elf hasn't paid us for a long time now, so this will have to do.


Jade's Passing

Citizens of Avlis

The Trinity of the Order of the Dragon announces with great sadness, the passing of Jade, Grandmaster and co-founder of the Order of the Dragon, Guardians of Balance under the tutorship of the Wise Nargulthonossor. Acknowledged Hero of Avlis and shining example for those defending the greater good.

Although our hearts are filled with sadness at the passing of a man of his stature, it is with great pride that we say that he left this realm fighting for the greater good of all inhabitants of the south and carrying out his vows to the fullest extent of what can be asked of any mortal being.

It was during a joined expedition by the Order of the Dragon and the Ivory Order of the Sun into the perilous Realm of shadow, trying to strike at the heart of an evil that had long plagued southern Avlis that our Grandmaster made the ultimate sacrifice.

While trying to defeat the manifestation of the dracolich Nise, headmaster of the Order of Shadow and for once and all put an end to his reign of terror, our joined strikeforce found itself sorely pressed by the minions of Darkness. Many fell during this long and arduous battle when the Grandmaster realized we could not defeat the physical manifestation of the dracolich in his home realm of Shadow surrounded by his minions and drawing directly on the energies of Shadow.

Our Grandmaster decided to use his vast experience in controlling his Ki to bundle all of his life energy into one action to sever the umbellical with Shadow and "wrench" Nise back into the Prime Material, without a way back into the Shadowrealm and his power, the dracolich could then be hunted down and destroyed once and for all. Unfortunately the epic battle left our forces severely weakened and the sudden loss of our Grandmaster shook our resolve and Nise managed to evade destruction by fleeing into Deglos.

Although with this sacrifice a great price was paid to strike a savage blow at Shadow, Citizen's of Avlis, please be aware that the weakened dracolich is still at large. The efforts made by both the Order of the Dragon and the Ivory Order will continue, to hunt down this menace and deliver the south once and for all.

The Order of the Dragon wishes to publicly thank the Magi of the Ivory Order of the Sun for their considerable assistance and hopes our collaboration to serve the greater good will be strengthened by our shared experiences.

On behalf of the Order of the Dragon,

Signed with the sigil of a Lotusflower

The Red Lotus,

Ruby Master for the Order of the Dragon Member of the Dragon Trinity