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Sarrena Sunflower

As a child this halfling was abandon in the dock district of Mikona. Survival was a matter of stealing and what little she could get from begging. She wasn't a terrible thief but as she reached puberty her magic began to manfiest itself rather in acts of fire damage to rooms she slept in.

In time the Ashen, Ebony and Ivory became aware of her budding magical nature and she soon found herself in the ranks of the Ashen. She soon walked the Ashen path and worked with her peers to develop her magic. She had a facination with necramacy and fire during these years, not to mention rather impressive aim. Some key people in her lift were Mielil, Ayren, Sam(A gnomes gnome!), Max, and El(Rather a mentor).

As she developed she began to wander M'Chek more and more, soon encountering Jade. He quickly became a central figure in her life. During this time numberous incidents began to occur ranging from a vicious series of conflicts with the Gentlemen and his Shadow Order, to the vengence inspired allegance Sarrena gave to the lich Sorvanok, and of course the Great Chase at the birth of the Trust.

Information reguarding her allegance to Sorvanok is slim at best. Somehow with the lich's aid Sarrena managed to get her hands on a "Light Weapon", a weapon capable of slaying the lich. In her vengence inspired anger she nearly gave him the weapon thus removing a critical weakness and likely sealing the fate of Mikona. The influence of several key groups prevented this fate by a thin hair: The Maidens of Dre'Ana and her recently found faith in that deity, the Order of Gorethar, Jade and his Order of the Dragon, and many friends in Mikona itself.

Sarrena soon turned on the lich and helped a great alliance in his destruction. Armed with the light weapon she recovered and the weapon forged by Tanmar this alliance managed to achive victory and destroy the lich. The recovered weapon itself vanished from use in history and its current holder is unkown. Around this time frame Sarrena soon discovered one of her dearest friends in Miette, an interesting girl with amazing potential in Elysia.

Sarrena's anger turned back toward the Gentlemen and his Shadow order and that conflict increased. The conflict reached some kind of climax and Sarrena herself was mentally broken and withdrew from the region into issolation. What occured during this time is a vast unknown. It's suspected she went to Jechran.

Upon her return from Jechran she was a vastly different being. She soon discovered her love Jade had been slain by Nise, a master of the Shadow order. Her life became a dedication to avenging Jade and she worked with anyone she could find to achieve this end.

Records of her activities during this time frame are patchy but its known she for a time attempted to join Ivory, but soon found them too constrictive and shifted to the Green. She also joined in the destruction of Nise and his masters in Deglos, avenging her love and taking a great deal of her lifes drive away. Once again she became reclusive from public life only interacting with a few key friends.

In recent years she's become active once again, utterly drivin in a new form of magic known as Aeromancy.

Poems by Sarrena