The Headless Bugbear

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When the buggies have their midnight brawl
Adventures show up and toss em thought a wall
But among the buggies ones real curst
Its the headless bugbear, man he's the worst!

  • Thats right, he's a fright, in the dead of the night...

But when he goes a-joggin' 'cross the land
Holdin' his noggin in his hand
Demons take one look and groan
And hit the road for parts unknown

  • Beware, take care, he walks alone in the night...

They say he's tired of his rottin top
He's got a yern to make a swap
So he wanders the warrens once a year
He'll take your head, so don't adventure here!

  • A great clever, worse then a reaver, his head in his hand...

Now he likes them little, he likes them big
Parted in the middle, or with a wig
Blond, burnet, silver or red
The headless buggy will take any head

  • Keep your head low, pray you ward the coming blow, or your head in his hand...

Now if you doubt this tale is so
I met that scary buggy a year ago
No, dont stop to think or plan or plot
Just scream, run and flee for all you got!

  • Blade, bow, spell and wit, none of it worth a shit, nothing you have will make his end...

So when you raid the warrens tonight
See him there, run with all your might
He's hiding in the darkness there
He needs your head, look out, beware

  • Full moon, dont swoon, or the fates will grant your end...

Blood red cleaver with a mighty chop
He's out looking for a head to swap
So dont try to figure out a plan
You cant reason, he's headless damnit!

By Sarrena Sunflower