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Gender: Male
Race: Ghost Elf


Gladd'avenglori was born in a small settlement of ghost elves northeast of Le'Or T'Nanshi where he spent his first 25 years learning basic traditions of his family. Of course, he had a love for the forests and good song, but it was his love of hunting which captured most of his time. He always tried to tag along on the village hunting sessions, but he was never allowed because of his age. Therefore, Gladd would usually sneak out and follow the hunting parties for as long as he could until he was detected and forced to return. After he turned 20 years of age he was allowed to participate on these hunting trips where he eventually excelled and learned many of his skills he maintains to this day. The hunting parties sometimes used bows (traditional hunting weapon of elves), but it was an old tradition with his village to hunt without the use of any weapons.

Gladd also liked to spend time by himself in solitude, where he could reflect on things within himself and of the forest that he was part of. He always sought to understand why he was here and to what purpose. Even though he didnt realize it at the time, it was during these times that he became in tuned with his "inner self" and started to develop the powers which stem from it.

At the age of 25 years is when his life changed forever. A Shaahesk war party crossed the border of T'Nanshi and attacked Gladd's settlement. His family, and most of the village was destroyed while Gladd and a few others were taken and soon turned over to slavers. Gladd was sold off to a powerful Shaahesk warlord who had a hobby of watching the arena battles within Drotid. This warlord liked to enter combatants into the arena battles as well, in order to try to win prestege and wealth by winning local arena battles with other tribes. Most of the Shaahesk would attend the arena battles just to watch the poor slaves and other captives or fugitives get slaughtered by all different means of brutal competions.

One day during one of these arena events, Gladd's owner found himself short of prisoners to use as fodder for a battle against a local Shaahesk warrior who found himself in the arena as a result of his dissertion from the army. The warrior was a large Shaahesk and had already slain ten slaves that were pitted against him two or three at a time. The crowd watching this event was getting more vocal and beligerant since the warrior was winning, whereas most wanted to see him die slowly and painfully. As a result, Gladd's owner commanded one of his skilled guards to enter the arena to battle this warrior. Gladd was attending to the guard, at the time, in order to help him don his armor quickly as he was making his way to the arena. Gladd completed straping the guards platemail on just as he entered the arena, but as he turned to leave the guard, the doors to the arena shut barring his exit from the arena. The crowd roared with the entrance of the new combatants, as Gladd looked around in horror.

The Shaahesk guard and Shaahesk warrior immediately squared off in melee, as Gladd looked around for a way to escape from the arena. He soon realized that he had no way of escaping and turned to see the guard get hacked down by the warriors great halbard. The crowd voiced their displeasure as several objects came flying out of the stands toward the warrior. The warrior hissed his defiance loudly to the crowd and then looked towards Gladd. The warrior quickly marched toward him raising his halbard to make quick work of the little elf. Without thinking, Gladd dodged to the side as the halbard stike came down and in one fluid motion Gladd spun around to the side of the warrior while delivering a barehanded strike to the throat of the Shaahesk. The warrior dropped to his knees clutching his throat as Gladd instinctively struct a deadly blow to the Shaahesks eye. The warrior died before his body fell to the sand. The crowd stood stunned for several moments, and then cheered for the death of the warrior criminal.

This lead to a 75 year "career" as an arena warrior slave of the Shaahesk. During this time he was forced to fight (and kill) many humans, dwarves, halflings, gnomes, elves, kobolds, Shaahesk, and any other creatures they chose to put in the arena with him. The Shaahesk were amazed at the battle prowess of Gladd, especially since he looked like a frail little elf that they could break like a twig. But soon Gladd's warlord owner was training Gladd in tactics and strategies since his success was making him rich.

It was shortly after Gladd turned 100 years of age, when his owners caravan was ambushed while traveling to another arena not far from the T'Nanshi border. A war party of Drangonari destroyed all the Shaahesk and escorted Gladd and the other slaves to the border of T'Nanshi and set them free.

From then on Gladd started traveling the lands to learn all he could after living in isolation so long. He also desired to escape his past life as much as he could and put himself to use tending to the lands. He spent most of his time in the lands of Elysia, Le'Or T'Nanshi, Deglos, and Hala.

One day Gladd found himself in conversation with several members of the Order of the Dragon, and discovered that his views and outlook on life was quite similar to the Orders. Soon, with the help of his mentor, Wil Garett, he became a member of the Order to which he serves to this day as the Headmaster and as a Dragonguard.


Gladd is a light complexioned ghost elf with long blond hair and blue glowing eyes. Of course he also has that slight yellowish glow which all ghost elves have. He has a very slight build although he is fairly tall for a ghost elf. He moves we remarkable ease and grace and his movements during combat appear more like a dance than a deadly melee. Gladd's upper torso and portions of his neck are covered with numerous scars from his prior experiences in capitivity. One other unusual characteristic is Gladd's speech. He has not been able to get rid of a slight accent he picked up during his stay in Drotid... so he sometimes hisses a little on some words.

Order of the Dragon

Gladd has been with the Order of the Dragon for many years. One of his greatest contributions to the Order was starting the Dragonguard. The Dragonguard is an elite group within the Order that are charged with the personal protection of the leaders and members during meetings and gatherings outside the Order. They are specially trained to use the shadows to walk unseen and unheard in addition to their exceptional martial skills. Gladd bears the mark as the Orders first Dragonguard and Guardmaster. Gladd also served the Order as Diamond Master with the Trinity leadership before the organizational structure changed. Now he serves as the Orders Headmaster.

Order of The Dragon

The Teacher

Gladd is most passionate about his teaching. He enjoys passing on to others what he has been able to learn over the years. He believes the most valuable imformation that he can share with others is about understanding oneself and about gaining a harmony of the mind, body, and spirit. Gladd holds firmly to his belief that everyone has an inner force within them that he describes as a magical energy or "ki." He believes this is related directly to the spirit or the soul as he sometimes calls it. He teaches that anyone can develop and strengthen their own inner magic (spirit)to help them perform great physical feats of the body and mental controls of the mind. But it is the peace and harmony within that he treasures most.


Gladd's Family Song (This song taught to him by his mother gave him strength during his long years in Drotid.)

*sings softly without his normal hisses since he learned the song before his captivity in Drotid*

(emphasis on the last words of each line)

roots run deep

water to meet

hugging the earth

soon after birth

arms stretch wide

winds cast aside

life from sun

lost when done

(emphasis on first word of each line)

rain falls

trees call

forests sing

no king

(softly – no emphasis)

words unspoken

songs unbroken

(very soft – no emphasis)

spirit speaks

spirit keeps

spirit keeps