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Portrait of Grace Dane-Unuldur by Ayren Tochi'larian

Grace was born to Martin and Esme Dane, the second of their two daughters, the first being Agatha Dane. Martin was an M’Chekian soldier and an Equalizer. He was injured in the war with T’Nanshi and was left with a limp and some emotional damage that caused him to pull away from Grace when she was still a very small girl. Esme was a Romini tailor who left the nomadic life to settle down with Martin. She is quite beautiful and more like Grace in temperament. She plays music, sings, dances and still can laugh at the world around her. When Martin was injured, she tried her best to bring him out of his depression but has been unable to do so completely.

Agatha was Grace’s idol growing up and the two were as thick as thieves until their father returned from the war, a changed man. Agatha followed the path of her father and became an Equalizer and moved away to Mikona, leaving Grace back in Dunster Commons to finish growing up without her sister.

She was a pretty girl and always well liked. She was learning the tailoring trade from her mother and she had the gift of an artist. She excelled in music and painting. She had a relatively normal upbringing despite the war raging to the north. It was always a part of her life, whether it was flirting with the soldiers that passed through to the keep or helping care for the neighbor’s children when their fathers and mothers would not return from the front.

When she was barely seventeen, she met a boy from Southill named Kip Gentry and was to marry him. She was likely to settle into a life of mediocrity and oodles of babies, as she was quite naïve to the ways of the world. Advised by her father, she took a trip to Mikona to speak with Agatha before the wedding. She arrived in the big city in awe and poor Agatha had the task of informing her that her future husband was a two-timing dog and that there would be no wedding. Stunned and saddened, she stayed on with her sister in Mikona until she felt she could go home to face it.

Moving to the city

Of course, fate often changes the path that one has set out upon and Grace grew to enjoy Mikona and met a lot of wonderful people, some not so wonderful. She met a bard, Miirik Darastrix, who took a special interest in her. Although Grace was headstrong and thought she could handle anything the world threw at her, her sister Agatha was obviously concerned, as the man was very forward and asked her friend Morran to watch over her little sister.

Morran Unuldur was unlike any man she had met before and they became fast friends. Of course, she did not realize he was watching out for her or the feisty little redheaded Dane would likely have sent him packing. In time, they grew close and eventually fell in love. It was during this time that Grace learned much of Mikona.

Morran would take her places, challenge her, and she would always handle whatever was asked of her with style. He would teach her a lot during this time before they married. She saw the world opening before her eyes with him and he had no qualms about taking her places of great danger. He took her to other planes, to face amazing beasts and often sailing. She was learning much of the world and Morran would never keep the ugly side of it from her. They eventually married, as they were a perfect fit.

She met a few other friends during this time, Harbesh, Zacharia, Arc, Miette, Llyshra, Aryen, Nikki, Raen and more of Agatha’s friends soon became her friends. She learned a lot from her sister during this time about politics and the Balance of Mikon and about life in the city. It was also during this time that she was often attacked by the Malekites, especially Isamu, and her sister was often injured in the war and gone for weeks at a time, causing her great distress.

Things got darker for Grace when her sister left town, after a rather savage attack by the T’Nanshi in Mikona. After Agatha settled in Trenium, their parents followed shortly after and Grace was left in Mikona without any family. It was often rumored of her involvement in secret groups or improper activities in Mikona, but none were ever substantiated.

Grace began to distrust those around her except for a close group of friends. She began to focus on politics with groups like the Valokians and with Houseman Rose and his Golden Path. She spent less time painting and singing, and more time with Morran and learning all he could teach her. Her view of the city and the world had forever changed. She put away her instruments and she began to focus internally.

Realizing her gift

Her friend Miette helped her realize that she had been born with another gift. She had a gift for the arcane and Miette became her mentor, as well as a dear friend. Her early attempts were often unsuccessful but Miette never lost faith and Grace began to understand her gift and how to use it. As Grace grew in power, she met another who would become a guide in her studies, Damar Ogdem. At first, she thought he was rather stuffy, but Agatha always told Grace she could trust him, so Grace took it upon herself to learn what she could from him. He was a wizard of great power and Grace met him at a time when she needed strong guidance. Damar would teach her to use her gift in ways she had never realized and she had finally come into her own. Her power as a sorceress has grown and she joined the Gold Order of the Sand. She was entrusted to become the Senior Magi for Mikona for the Order. As her powers grew, so did her responsibilities within the Order. She has risen through the ranks to become the Gold's Great Mage of Relations and has gained and maintained a seat on the High Mage Council.

The Simple Life

Grace and Morran both joined the Blackhawks, each quickly rising up the ranks. Morran took to army life easily, having served on many ships in his youth. Grace, on the other hand, was only there to serve her country. She spent most of her time between the Gold Order and the Blackhawks, though would also disappear from time to time to parts unknown. She often helped host the Trade Faire in Ferrell with other members of the SATF and seemed to settle into married life with ease. The pair did everything together from running a shop to traveling the world. Morran was very protective of Grace through the years, even as her power grew. He tried to let nothing harm her and he was very good at that job.

Though Grace rarely speaks of it, there was a dark time for her after she was reported missing and surfaced about a month later. She was scarred and rarely left the house for months after her return. Only those closest to her know of this time and they know better than to discuss it openly. She returned to public life a few months later, though she was more cautious than before, rarely seen out in public without Morran or her faithful familiar, Turais.

Grace and Morran continued to live a life of ease and comfort, even through the Drotid War and other trials. Morran was Field Marshall of the Blackhawk Company after Grace retired to focus more on her duties in the Gold. The two were rarely apart except when Morran would go off on missions. Grace spent most of her time hosting functions at Burnham's Hall or traveling to see her sister in Trenium when he was away. She seemed to live a charmed life for the most part.

On Her Own

As was often the case, Morran was off on a mission in the Underdark and Grace stayed in Trenium visiting her sister. When she returned a month later, she still had not received word from him or those in charge of the mission. She was only slightly concerned as Morran was a dedicated soldier who was often needed longer than they thought. As the months wore on, her concern grew. There were no answers from the army other than that he was missing. She spent most of her free time scouring the Underdark looking for clues or leads as to where he was when he was last seen. After a year, she stopped her forays into the Underdark and sunk into a depression. She stayed in Trenium for longer stretches of time, even briefly losing her High Mage Council seat and Great Magus status. During this time, she cut most of her ties to her former associations. She was rarely seen in the south except for occasional appearances as needed for the Gold. As the second year without Morran came to a close, Grace returned to south and worked to get her positions back with the Gold. She is forever changed but for better or worse, she has returned home.

Portrait of Grace Dane, artist unknown

A Phoenix Rises

Following her return to the south and regaining her position in the Gold, Grace has devoted all of her time and energy to the Trust and to the one constant in her life, magic. She was always one with an affinity for fire but has now turned that into a driving force. Through all of her challenges and loss, her bloodline was always strong. The magic coursing through her veins was ancient. During this time, she notably started wearing a symbol of Andrinor around her neck, as her faith had changed. Her prior life lost to her, she has trained herself as an elementalist as far as she could before seeking a teacher. With Crunk no longer around, she sought the help of other elementalists for basic guidance. Her singular focus advanced her studies quickly and she reached a point where she could no longer work on her own. Something held her back.

Her beloved Quill brought her to meet with one that would help guide her future, help her let go and move forward. She was introduced to Magus Trillium Northstar and with his help, she was able to let go of her past and be renewed in fire.

End of an Era

Coming soon.

Current Affiliations:

Sergeant-Major M'Chek Army, Blackhawk Company, Head of Public Relations, Retired Blackhawk Company

Former Great Magus of Relations, Gold Order of the Sand Gold Order of the Sand

Former Member of the High Mage Council High Mage Council of Avlis

Member of the SATF, Retired South Avlis Trade Federation

AMS: Pyromancer

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