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Sephira Everliss

Married Name: Sephira Raynes

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 31 (began adventuring career at 19)

Class: Sorceress, Psion

Alignment: Lawful Good (Formerly Lawful Neutral, Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil, True Neutral)

Origin: M'Chek, outskirts of Mikona

Current Residence: M'Chek

Former Affiliations:

Current Affiliations:


Sephira grew up on a small dairy farm on the outskirts of Mikona. Her Gift manifested itself in her late teens, prompting her to leave home.


Achievement! Description Value
Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat You (or one of your characters) gets Winner or Honorable Mention in the Irreverence Awards. 25pts
Collection Mastery Give an item to every collector in the game 20pts
Pull a Xeo Lock yourself in your own inn room, requiring a server hop or a DM jump to escape. 10pts
Bug Eyes File a bug report in the tracker that turns out to be legit. 10pts
Nom Nom Nom A DM cookie gave your character the XP he needed to level. 10pts
Busted! Pay a fine and/or do jail time for an IC criminal act. 5pts