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Avlis Jeweler’s Association (AJA)

AJA Logo
Deglos Tower Exterior
Deglos Tower Interior
Mikona Location Exterior
Mikona Location Interior

The Avlis Jeweler’s Association is a cooperative business and research organization. Our main objectives are:

  1. To research and produce fine jewelry and related products.
  2. Provide training for members to improve their skills in the jeweler's art.
  3. Finance or subsidize research and training, and provide supplies or other materials needed for members to advance in their jewelry skills. This is done through the sale of items the AJA produces, as well as any other opportunities.





People with interest in Jewelcrafting and/or Gemcutting are the AJA’s main focus, but anyone can apply to become a member if they have something to contribute. Full membership requires a minimum skill level with jewelry, and some promotions or titles require more effort. There are several opportunities for non-members to take part in AJA activities as well.


Base Of Operations:
The AJA’s main tower is located in the city core of Nutzdagezehple, Deglos. Besides the public store and work areas, it houses the main crafting facilities, supply storage and private market for members. Offices are located on the upper floors, as well as the meeting/lecture hall and lounge. There is also a recreation area in the basement.

Other Locations:
The AJA has a secondary store with member facilities located in the marketplace of Mikona.

What We Do:

The AJA is a crafting guild that focuses on Jewelcrafting and Gemcutting. Members learn new designs through "In Character" classes, lectures and demonstrations. They are also taught how to research harder items with guidance as well. As members earn promotions, they gain access to harder designs, as well as supplies they may need.

Jewelcrafting is the most expensive craft to advance in, and one goal of the AJA is to assist its members with those costs. When possible, materials are provided for members, either at reduced or no cost, and often excess materials brought in can be sold at above average prices in the private market. Members are encouraged to sell items they make on their own for greater profit, but sometimes finding buyers can be difficult. The AJA buys many items its members produce, often at higher than normal market value. The goal is to sell everything members make, even if it means a loss on some items. By working as a group without the worry of selling for the maximum profit, these losses can be covered easily with other popular item sales.

The AJA isn't just about learning how to make things though. The goal of any guild is to create new opportunities for its members to be involved with each other, and especially those outside the guild. This is done by scheduled regular events, involvement in current plots or simple exploration and material gathering. Any member can organize a new event that would interest other members. With Avlis being a role playing world, sometimes events can drop in your lap in a very unpredictable way as well.

How To Join Or Get Involved:

Unlike some other crafting guilds the AJA doesn't advertise its member list publicly, though several can be found by asking a few questions in game. If you can't find a member to ask, send an "In Character" letter to the AJA forum account for more information about membership.

There are many opportunities for characters outside the AJA to get involved as well. Anything from being a simple supplier of materials, or work as a hired guard or guide, to more involved roles. If you can think it up, we want to hear about it.

What To Expect:

AJA Charter

AJA Policies

Both of these documents will give you more of an idea of how the AJA works. The AJA also like to think of themselves as better than the rest. The term "snob" fits quite well for an "In Character" description. While a novice membership isn't difficult to get, advancement requires effort, not so much in Jewelcrafting skill as gaining approval from your peers in the guild. Crafting skill is only an "Out of Character" requirement to advance, but role play and involvement are more important.

If this sounds a bit stuck up, you are right. It is. Members who have advanced in the AJA know that they are not only the best at what they do, but have the best people backing them in the guild. This can lead to many role playing opportunities depending on how you want to pursue it.

How To Contact Us:

Send a private message to the AJA forum account.

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