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Jenii was born on the estate of her parents, a prosperous merchant family of Andarr. She was always a willful child, which her parents encouraged to some extent, and allowed her to travel with her father when business and security allowed it.

On one such trip Jenii met a caravan master's daughter, Moira Celyn. Jenii's father encouraged his young daughter to learn to get along with all peoples of all classes and professions, seeing this as good business-sense. The two became fast friends, though Moira was only able to visit Andarr a few times, as her father's work mostly kept him to the south of the continent. Still, the two kept in touch through letters passed through the traders who came and went through the great port city.

The day came when Jenii, no longer a girl but a strong and independent woman, was told by her parents that they were planning her marriage. Horrified at such a betrayal of trust, she set off on her own, finding her way south through the same trade caravans her father introduced her to, with the same business-sense he taught her. She often worked as a scribe and accountant to see her through.

She at last was able to meet up with her old friend in Mikona, and using one of her many middle names, introduced herself as Jenii Kim to the people she met there. For several seasons she successfully avoided her parents efforts to bring her home, and in keeping with her willful and inquisitive nature, set off to plane-walk and discover the new worlds she heard about from other travelers.

Jenii returned to Mikona and met Harbesh Lohenson. Soon the two were inseparable, and she truly began to call Mikona home.

At this time Harbesh was approached by Melonious Mennallin to be a Sentinel of Visimontium, a city Master Mennallin was building in the northern Deglos, dedicated to Andrinor, God of Mortal Magic.

Jenii was putting her skills to good use by designing the Elysian Towers, an expansive apartment building to be built by Featherfingers Trading. When Melonius saw her designs, he immediately sought her out as an architect for his city. He even went so far as to make an appearance at Moira's wedding festival, where he paid quick compliments to the bride and groom, then swept Jenii off to a corner and spoke for hours of his dreams of a city in the mountains.

Finding it hard to resist joining in such a dream, Jenii took the position of city planner for Visimontium, and largely disappeared from active life as she planned, worked with, cajoled, bribed and pleaded with the gnomish workers who were building the city to create a masterpiece. Her work was hugely successful, as the City of Visimontium is a jewel, a true beauty of design and craftsmanship. Over the years, she had quietly become a devotee of Yeraiah, goddess of women and strength, and so built a small shrine to her god in the most wonderful of all places in Visimontium, the Thousand Springs.

But the beauty of Visimontium was quickly marred by violence, as Angadarian fanatics began attacking the city to try to wrest the mortal magic vortex from Andrinor for their own god Angadar. Jenii sought to protect the city as best she could, by making sure the walls and fortifications were kept in good repair and anything else she could do to help the sentinels protect the city.

After the damage of the final attack of these terrorists was put to rights, Jenii realized that her job was finished, Visimontium was truly a city of strength. Once again she felt a sense of wanderlust that she could not ignore. She and Harbesh set out again together, to continue to explore and delve, following their hearts.