Scavenger Hunt

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By Frannie Mouze

One sunny Tuesday afternoon
Zacho sent out a call
Come one come all
To the Adventurer’s Guild Hall!
Onwards we went, I was humming this tune.

Greetings, chitchat and introductions out of the way
Zacho raises his voice and demands attention
I need adventurers soon, healthy and with good comprehension
Solve the riddle and you’ll have a token in your possession
With a wink and a grin, he told us our task that day.

I cleaned out the closets, chests and drawers
And I stashed the contents all ‘round here and there
Follow the clues, work together, use care
The first clue, carefully printed on gray parchment paper
Zacho smiled and handed it to me, saying This one’s yours!

I read the clue and laughed aloud
Others chided and made me read
The clue to them, I knew the answer, but I agreed
In my clearest and strongest voice indeed
I spoke the words of my favorite hymn, Freddy would have been proud!

Be disciplined if you may, but let the present moment decide
When discipline evaporates and gets replaced by freedom

I tried not to laugh, I tried really hard
Suggestions were called out
Ra’ghulian! Ptah! It’s a riddle no
I looked around and told them what it was about
It’s a basic tenant of Mikon, to the temple… Trust me, I’m a bard!

Off to the temple of Mikon we went…
We followed the clue and went where we were sent
Father Terin pointed out the crate full of stuff….
Inside a clue, how many more, was two just enough?

Clue number two, “Go and visit your queen aunt”…
After some debate, off to the docks, to find giant ants!
At the end of their lair, another treasure crate..
Oooo another clue, isn’t this great?

“At a place, once considered vulgar and slum,
Borris of Dra'nar has a place of protection and fun”….
I learned something new, I didn’t know was there….
An old hideaway, now an orphanage of Dra’nar

Clue number four was longer than the rest…
A teasing poem, a hint, a clue, this one is almost best…
Once of Mikon soon to be led astray…
To give life to eyes, in which would usually not play…
An alley, a house, a master one might say….

To the dollmaker we flew…
Such an easy clue…
Little dolls.. Singing Sally, Magical Martin and Stabbin’ Stanley
All greeted us, with wide open arms, almost like family

They didn’t really, but the line worked in this song…
The little doll battle, was intense, it was long…
Then the golems, flying tables, chests and tomes…
At long last, a crate…a clue… and not any exposed bone

Clue number five was the last,
And this one we solved pretty darn fast
“A place of posh, a glass of slosh…
Rooms for whores upstairs, at least the sheets get washed”

To the Canvas we went...
The entrance fee was spent…
Much grumbling erupted
You’d think 500 gold, they’d be bankrupt?

Once inside, a place to clean up and relax…
Most had never been, the inner chambers are posh to the max
One final crate, filled with goodies galore….
I love scavenger hunts, I wish there were more!