Parrots and Pirates, OH MY!

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By Frannie Mouze

Parrots and Pirates they told me
Travel far over paths and through portals
We make it there, and they all said, “Where should we be”

I was lost I said, on land and not sea
I found a bay, not much more than a puddle
Yet it was full of pirates firing cannons at me!

Could I find it again? It’s an island, easy!
Right or left that’s not hard, it shouldn’t be such a pickle
West and west and west again, nary a pirate did we see.

Back to the start of our path were we
The trip was pleasant, playful and peaceful
A trip back is in order, because nary a pirate did we see.

There is a moral to this story you see –
Have your maps, have a guide, or you’ll be in peril…
Nary a pirate did we see, because our guide was me!