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PC name: Eric Buzzard.

Gamespy: swoods241078.

Forum: swoods241078

Race: Human.

Class: Bard (11).

Alignment: Chaotic Good.

Physical description:

Eric is approximately five foot 6 inches tall (1.55 metres), with blonde hair and striking blue eyes. At first glance people might mistake him for a female, but upon closer inspection, they clearly see that he's a young gentleman.

He is always well dressed and extremely well spoken.

Demeanor/ Personality:

Eric is very friendly and generally happy, except when the rain gets his hair and clothes wet!

He'll go out of the way to help anyone he can, if they need it and ask it of him.

Bless him, but Eric isn't the brightest of sparks. Intellectually clever, he lacks a little bit of "common sense" and tends not to "get things" or fails to understand on some occasions. Some would say he is easily led...

Backstory/ history:

Eric grew up in Mikona, where his father worked as a rich trading merchant, and his mother kept them both fed.

Eric always knew he was different from the other lads, whilst they were climbing trees, throwing stones, and tying cats together by their tails, Eric would sit at home and sew, or help his mother with the cooking... This would later lead to an unfortunate incident between him and his father when he came home to find Eric flouncing around the house in his mother's best frock!

Needless to say he was cast out of the family home and onto the tough, mean and cruel streets of Mikona, where to survive he "played the fool", sang songs, and told (legendarily awful) jokes to the tavern locals for bed and board.

To be continued...