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Dannar's avatar is available here.
Painting of Dannar
Dannar Blighte
Age: 27 years

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Julaspium, Kurathene Empire
Current Residence: T'Nanshi (since he was 21)
Titles, Occupations:

About Dannar: Dannar is an enigmatic bard born in Kurathene, who made his home in T'Nanshi. Sometimes, tales of his adventures are chronicled in his Journal; Crossroads and pitfalls. He can most often be found in T'Nanshi, Le'Or T'Nanshi, Elysia and Visimontium on occasions.

He can be heard rather than seen first quite often, his voice blending and contrasting with the forest surrounding him. Most oddly, he seems to eschew performing at popular events with other bards, seeming to revel in the simplicity of his voice and pipes, and the sounds surrounding him. Around his person are many bottles of different shapes, giving away his profession in life aside from his love of Music and the Arcane. Hanging from his neck is a simple but elegant set of pipes, and what at first glance appears to be some odd plant; which is in fact his symbol of faith in Dru'El. His belt is studded with many small rods, wands, instruments and even more bottles, and a fine rapier hilt sits comfortably on his hip, seeming to pulsate oddly with some sort of sound. Those who know him well can regale of this rapier named Lehev'Sherith, or simply; the Singing Blade.

Not knowing who his father is, but believing he was a Kurathene Noble who married his mother, a half-nanshin has produced a few odd mannerisms in him, noticeably being the way he bears himself, even if he may seem a fool.

His marriage with Violet ended after one blissful year, both notably changed for it, for better or for worse is yet to be determined. He no longer bears her last name, to prevent her adopted mother, Ellowin further grief.

Since a few years ago he's been sporadically seen, hard at work in the Spiritland with his work as a Recruiter in the Le'Nofaythen and dealing with a near death experience that he believes Dru'el saved him from.

Most recently he's been seen in and around Zvidureth in a set of Dru'El vestments altered with a cape and his boots, seemingly in defence of the Cha'reth temple against the attacks of an Evrakian cult, Lehev'Sherith clean and singing as loudly as ever.