Lehev'Sherith (Singing Blade)

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Not much is known of Lehev'Sherith, but what is known would please a bard to tell it. The wielder claims the blade has never done much that is noteworthy, but perhaps others know better.

As the tales go....

A delicate inscription on the rapier reads " Sheras Ser'tikvooith shemaras shav lenu M'Le'Hooseh." Translated loosely in the common tongue, this reads "Sing us a song to save us from the darkness."

The Singing Blade is the result of a devotion to song, the battle for good and a mortal's attempts to capture these things in a physical form.

When the blade is held up to the ear, a myriad of sounds seem to echo from the dark, shatterproof metal. Its pommel and hilt easily fit into the hand -- in fact, the hilt itself seems to reverberate slightly as the rapier is lifted by its wielder.

The plethora of resounding tones -- ranging from the soft whisper of virgins to the rumbling bass chants of a Tyeduan war-shaman -- coalesce into a stunning burst of sonica when the blade is angled to cut through the air -- literally delivering a singing blow.

The strange construction of the hilt allows one to click the rapier into place after pulling at the pommel. When released, the blade unloosens a burst of sounds and vibrates madly while still being easily handled.

This rapier is rumored to have been crafted in part by Dannar Blighte, Naieth Equoth and Aeveras Altaer -- alongside the advisors Dannar had visited on his quest to craft a singing weapon. A great challenge it is said, was to determine exactly how the essence of sound can be created and imbued into rare adamantium.

The Singing Blade is housed in an exquisite scabbard, made of the finest leather and edged in gold. It is said that the scabbard is presented to master swordsmen who rise to the top of the Swordsmen's Academy in Kuras.

Rumor holds it Grandmaster va'Servan gave the scabbard to Dannar Blighte in Kuras to show Dannar's proficiency with a rapier after he defeated the Grandmaster in a duel.