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Listening carefully to a student of the harp
Name: Adagio D'Tranticus
Player: Simon Drat
Garbed in finery for another enthralling performance
Race: Human
Lineage: Mother - Romini, Father - Unknown
Class: Ranger / Bard
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Hair: Lavender
Eyes: Blue
Place of Birth: The back of a caravan wagon on the open road
Residence: Visimontium
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Deity: Pelar
  • Singer, Composer, and Storyteller
  • Hunter and Fisherman
  • Scholar
  • Carpenter
Allies and Affiliations:

Character Summary:
Adagio (or 'Dagi' to his friends) was born into a traveling circus, which, due to unfortunate circumstances, he left to become a traveling hunter serving Pelar for many years. After ten-odd seasons, a traumatic and life-changing incident lead him back to his roots in performance, and he has since given up his life as a ranger. (A good thing, considering his notoriously poor sense of direction.) In the many years since he found his true calling in life, his notoriety as a performer has blossomed. He has since become the Director of the Academy of Bardic Arts in Visimontium, and the leader of the reknown performance ensemble known as Reverdie. He can usually be found in and around the Academy, especially since the installation of the portal tower in Visimontium, located very close to his base of operations. Any young bards interested in educational or employment opportunities, or any organizations seeking assistance in planning entertainment for their events, are encouraged to leave a note at his offices inside the Bardic Academy. ((PM Simon Drat)
Adagio is ever the inquisitive optimist, always hungry for new fodder for his many tales and songs. Still a hunter at heart, he serves Pelar not only through his frequent hunting trips, but also in his hunt for knowledge and various items for his numerous collections. He is immodest, sometimes to a fault, but truly, who can fault him for admitting just how handsome he is? Facts are facts, after all... and an encounter with Adagio is hard to forget. After all, when's the last time you saw a human with such strikingly lavender hair, hmm?
Further Information about Adagio:
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