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Eowin Sta'Nieth

Physical and Mental Traits

For those who knew him during the T'Nanshi/M'Chek war, seeing him now without a face wrap is something of a surprise. During a long period of time priests of Dru'El managed to help reconstruct his jaw and bring it back to what it was originally. This has done little to change his appearance though as he still tends to lets bits of wilderness cling to him and keeps his borderline feral appeal. From time to time, though, he is forced into proper bathing. His time training to become an Avenger has done much for his mind though. Where once he was reclusive and quiet, brooding on the evils of others, he now is a bit more open and joyous and brooding replaced with a quiet debating contemplation. Naturally favoring the color green in his clothing from his religion and natural settings he even dyed his hair green in some drunken wager.


Eowin grew up with his father near the small fishing village on close to the T'Nanshi/M'Chek border. Quite life for him most of the time, he tended to travel with his father on little hunting trips, his father being a hunter of Pelar, Eowin not sharing the same love for the hunt but enjoyed the company. If anything Eowin was hardly religious, being a passive follower of Dru'El by default. Many years came and went with little much going on in his life, just enjoying the quiet life. It shattered abruptly during the start of the war though, sure the village faced its attacks but the crushing blow was Eowin stumbling across his own dead father, slashed apart by something other than woodland creatures. Darkness set in his heart that day, he felt like his quiet life was ripped from him and his only company stolen... stolen by the humans, by M'Chek.

T'Nanshi/M'Chek War Period

First course of action on his own was enlisting in Le'Nofaythen in the regulars, aimed at revenge against the nation he was now at war against. Alone, he stalked, struck when he could, and grew darker in mind. Few times he tagged along with some of Lonovan, feeling honored just to be in their presence. Around company, he got to see friends, allies, even different races, including human, work together... struggling to defend their homes. ...WORK IN PROGRESS