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Race: Avariel
Classes: Wizard/Fighter/Arcane Archer
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Vital Statistics

Name: Ni'arthin
Race: Avariel
Height: 5ft. 6in.
Weight: 125 lbs.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Build: Sleek, toned, and gracful
Skin tone: Fair complection
Feather Color: Natrual Black Feathers


Ni'arthin appears to be in the prime of his life. As one of the longer lived races of Avlis, his age is hard to determine, but he freely admits to being in his 200's. His youthful appearance is seen in his choice of wardrobe, with is "modern" and conservative. He prefers loose fitting clothes, than anything that bunches up or billowy, which is a stark contrast to him being in a Trust Order, and his robes marking him a member of the Blue Order of the Sky.


Ni'arthin is most situations has an open, and friendly personality. He tries to see both sides of the story, before making any major judgements in his life.

When it comes to Magic, he is very disciplined in its study, and use. It is this discipline that brought him to the Blue Order of the Sky, for that order, and him, share the same philosophy when it comes to magic.

On Arcane Archery, he seeks to become second to none in its use. He currently is researching the subject, and plans to publish his findings once he finishes research.




Rank: Warrior
Officer Position: Quartermaster
Officer Position: Levana'megan Patrol Officer
Medals: T'Nanshi Medal of Victory, Medal of Freedom
Awards: A Finely Crafted Ring from the Council of 9, for service in the Drotid war

Research Material

Arcane Archer Primer - His work on Arcane Archery.

OOC: RPotM Comments

  • Ni'arthin has been a helpful part of so many things lately, and that's just from the limited stuff I can see! He has a true presence, a gentle influence and a work ethic roleplay that I admire (perhaps even envy!).