Le'Nofaythen'T'Nanshi Medals

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  • Gold Lion of Bravery – The Gold Lion of Bravery is only awarded to those who have shown remarkable courage in the duty to Le'nofaythen and the Spiritland. Those that receive this medal are looked upon with respect for their strength and devotion.

  • Silver Feather of Honor – The Silver Feather of Honor is presented to those in Le'nofaythen who bring great honor to Le'nofaythen in their protection of the Spiritland. Handed out only rarely, the Silver Feather is a prestigious award for the most committed of soldiers.

  • Onyx Stallion of Excellance – The Onyx Stallion of Excellance is only awarded to those who have performed above and beyond the call of duty in service to the Spiritland. It is an award of excellance and a high mark of esteem within Le'Nofaythen.

  • Gold Acorn Medal

  • Silver Acorn Medal – The Silver Acorn Medal is the second Medal of Honor. It's given only to those Soldiers who have proven themselves above and beyond the call of duty.

  • Copper Acorn Medal – The Copper Acorn Medal is the first Medal of Honor. It's given only to those Soldiers who have proven themselves above and beyond the call of duty.

Campaign or Mission Specific Medals

  • Lonovanen Defenders Cloak – The Council of Nine ordered these cloaks made for the defenders within the Lonovanen. These mark a reward for faithfulness and a willingness to ensure that the Ancestral Spiritland did not fall to M'chek. This cloak marks its bearer as a Veteran of the Great M'chekian War and it is a marker of status within Elven society.

  • Lonovanen Elite Defender's Cloak - The Council of Nine awarded these cloaks to the most consistent and dedicated of the Lonovanen. They represent service and committment over a long period of time, in defense of the ancestral Spiritland. The warrior who wears this cloak is given a measure of respect in LeOr and especially within the nation of T'Nanshi as well. It is said that the Council of Nine awarded several of these at the close of the Great M'chekian war as a gratious reward for many years of service. Those who received these cloaks should wear them with pride and dignity, aware that their efforts have saved the Spiritland from destruction and brought peace to the Elven holy forest once more.

  • Nanshi Levena -

  • Cloak of the T'Nanshi National Hero - The Council of Nine, wise rulers of the ancestral Spiritland, award these cloaks only to those soldiers whose loyalty is as solid as a rock, whose faithfulness is evergreen, whose deeds areas immortal as teh stars. This cloak represents the supreme gift of appreciation that the Council can bestow upon a warrior, and only a few have ever been known to wear them. It is said that the Council of Nine awarded five of these to their most steadfast and dedicated at the conclusion of the great M'chekian war. These cloaks provide a visible status marker within elven society. Any true native of T'Nanshi knows to give respect to he one who wears such a find cloak. These warriors are held in the highest regards in LeOr.

  • Silver Saber Campaign Medal - This campaign medal is given to those warriors who have served over an extended period of time on the frontlines.

  • Le'nofaythen Battle for Le'Or Medal - This medal was awarded to all of those who fought in the Battle of Le'Or T'Nanshi against the half-demon Damia. It symbolizes the strengths showed, and the perseverance of all present, even when the worst seemed imminent. Written on the back in Nanshilae are the words "Bravery and Truth in the Name of the Spiritland"

  • Le'nofaythen Medal of Freedom - The Medal of Freedom was only presented to those who fought so bravely in the mission to destroy Slaver's Run, a shaahesk base used to transport slaves from T'Nanshi to Drotid. The destruction of the caves and the tunnels below them, ensured another step closer to reclaiming the forest from the enemy.